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Who is Travis Fimmel wife? Girlfriend & Dating History

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A very handsome, witty and attractive Australian Actor, who is known for the role of Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings, is none other than Travis Fimmel.

He had started his journey as a model before getting into the acting profession. His acting career started with the History Channel television series and that gave him enough fame and recognition.

Travis Fimmel always keeps his life personal and mysterious. He is not even on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People have endless curiosity regarding his lifestyle. Some media outlets stated that Travis Fimmel isn’t dating anyone currently.

Yet, we’ll know about Travis Fimmel wife and his love life in this article.

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Does Travis Fimmel have a wife?

Well, the answer comes with the good news that Travis Fimmel doesn’t have any wife currently. Yes, he had affairs with many Hollywood actresses. But currently, he has taken a break from the love relationship. He has several girlfriends. Here are some of them!

Who are his exes? Of course, we want to know!

1. Nicole Appleton


Nicole Appleton is a musician who is from the Brit-pop group, All Saint. This Canadian musician was one of Travis Fimmel girlfriends. It was 1993 when this charming and stunning lady started her journey and started dating Travis Fimmel in 1999.

Both of them looked great together. Still, they had to break up soon because Nicole Appleton was the one who didn’t want to continue this relationship.

She dumped Travis and decided to end the relationship. This news was confirmed by Travis Fimmel himself when he didn’t deny their broken relationship in an interview.

2. Merrin Dungey


The next Travis Fimmel girlfriend on our list is Merrin Dungey. She is basically an American actress who was born in Sacramento, California.

Travis Fimmel had an interest in girls older than him and had many older girlfriends. Merrin Dungey was one of them. She was eight years older than Travis.

We didn’t find much information about their relationship. But, they had broken up in 2003 only after one year of their relationship. The reason is still unknown.

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3. Jessica Miller


After breaking up with Merrin Dungey, Travis has fallen for Jessica Miller, another American model and actress. Both of them looked so beautiful and perfect for each other.

Whenever they went out together, their fans went crazy as they looked amazing together. But, unfortunately, they also couldn’t run with this relationship for long.

Maybe Travis Fimmel prefers short-term romantic relationships. HaHa!

4. Joy Bryant


Joy Bryant is an American actress and model who was the Travis Fimmel girlfriend of Travis Fimmel.

She did an amazing job in some famous shows like getting Rich or Die Tryin’ and Parenthood. They were in the relationship only for six months and then they got apart.

5. Mei Melancon


Mei Melancon was born in Manila, the Philippines who had introduced herself to the world as an actress in Hollywood. Mei Melancon met with Travis in 2017 and started dating. Their relationship lasted for one year. They broke up in 2018.

Dating for a year is quite a long time for Travis because he usually dated many girlfriends in less than a year. People merely know about how they met and what happened between them throughout the time.

6. Rachel Hunter

Rachel Hunger is a model from New Zealand who started dating Travis in 2002. Like other relationships, Travis failed to continue this relationship for long. It ended in less than a year.

7. Paula Patton


The next Travis Fimmel girlfriend on the list is Paula Patton who is Robin Thicke’s ex-wife. Paula Patton was Travis’s co-star in Warcraft.

Warcraft is a movie from Blizzard Entertainment where both of them experienced some tough fighting scenes.

In one interview, Travis said that he always found it easy to get connected to this actress. “It just feels natural,” he then added. 

8. Gina Gershon


Gina Gershon is another woman who had fallen for Travis Fimmel. This lady is well-known for her outstanding performances in Riverdale and Brooklyn 99.

This couple got to light in 2016 when they first attended the part of SoHo together. Both of them didn’t confirm the rumours about their relationship.

But media reporters talked about it and Travis left the party holding Gina’s hand quietly. So, this is not confirmed officially if they were dating.

9. Katheryn Winnick


Katheryn Winnick was another Travis Fimmel girlfriend who was basically the co-star of Travis in Vikings. Audiences were flooded with the chemistry of Ragnar and Lagertha on-screen.

They were very close to each other even off-screen and some close friends of theirs and media reporters confirmed this news. In fact, it was said that they had been seen going out together.

In an interview, Katheryn said that she felt very comfortable working with Travis. She liked him not only because he was a hardworking person but also because he is a person to fall in love with easily.

The chemistry between Travis Fimmel and Katheryn Winnick was one of the reasons why Vikings got so much popularity and it was really amazing to see both of them on real-life journeys. T

hey never confirmed this. But they didn’t deny it as well which makes fans think about their relationship.

Bottom Line

As we have seen in this article, Travis could not maintain a relationship for long. This makes us think about the fact that Travis will be able to get into a strong commitment or not. We are not sure.

Currently, Travis is not in any relationship. But, he stated in an interview that he likes women’s skin. He also said that he loves smart, beautiful and intelligent women and there is no doubt that women also love him.

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