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Best 80s horror movies to watch

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80s Horror movies relates to a powerful feeling of fear, panic, terror, and shock elicited in response to dark and eerie circumstances. It ventures into the areas that are unknown, strange, irrational, and immaterial via suspense and terrific cinematography. Such movies often blur the boundaries between real and unreal, fact and fiction, living and dead, animate and inanimate, that are designed to deliver fascination and fear at once. It is one of the most popular genres which seeks to provide entertainment through creating curiosity and developing an adrenaline rush.

The movies are obsessed with shadows, darkness, spooky sounds, and exploration of unfamiliar and interstitial areas transgressing the boundaries of sanity and stability. There is a complete disregard for form, body, categorical meaning, coherence, and certainty leading to disgust, discomfort, and heightened sensitivity.

Listed below are 80s horror movies that are sure to give you a chill in the spine.

#1 – The Shining (1980)

A masterpiece by Stanley Kubrick packed with morbid music and claustrophobic cinematography, and this movie is one of those that stays with you. It presents the dark and disturbing journey of Jack, who, along with his family, moves to the snowbound Overlook Hotel as a caretaker, which is concerned with a horrific past of murder and suicide.

Available on- Amazon Prime, Prime Video, and YouTube.

#2 – The Thing (1982)

This movie is a fascinating treat for horror and sci-fi enthusiasts. It is about a beast who mercilessly attacks human beings and is capable of taking the shape of its victims. A gruesome and gory watch that will give you goosebumps.

Available on- YouTube and Prime Video.

#3 – Aliens (1986)

One of the best 80s horror movies available, which is nerve-rattling. Ellen Ripley must fight with the malevolent monster aliens to survive her mission. A fan of space action and suspense combined with creative and performative genius? This one is for you. 

Available on- YouTube and Google Play Movies, Prime Video and Tv.

#4 – Near Dark (1987)

A hybrid of western, horror, and romance featuring Cowboy Caleb Colton, who falls for a vampire woman Mae. Compelling characters, blood lust thrill, and charismatic visuals of violence stand out.

Available on- Amazon Prime.

#5 – The Beyond (1981)

A supernatural tale that blurs the dimensions of physical reality by opening the gateways to hell. All sorts of horrifying creatures lurking in the darkness beyond make for a stomach-churning watch.

Available on- Amazon Prime, Prime Video.

#6 – The Fog (1980)

Among the 80s horror movies, this one is a classic. The dead rising to claim retributive justice is supremely thrilling, eldritch, and ghoulish.

Available on- Amazon Prime, Prime Video.

#7 – Tenebrae (1982)

An exciting story of a search for a serial killer who is brutal, psychopathic, and goes on to commit a series of killings. On a promotional tour of his new novel, Peter Neal gets involved in this conundrum of a murder mystery, which may have been inspired by his own latest book.

Available on- Amazon Prime and Prime Video.

#8 – The Company of Wolves (1984)

Young Rosaleen dreams of werewolves and moves to her grandmother’s house in the dark forest, where she meets a hunter in the woods, which eventually leads to a turn of events. This is a surreal supernatural fairy tale fantasy that should not be missed.

Available on- Amazon Prime and prime Video.

#9 – The Lost Boys (1987)

Two brothers, Michael and Sam, get embroiled in the mysterious and minacious world of vampires and vampire hunters. This is a perfect amalgamation of horror and comedy with great script, direction, music, and performance—a definite must-watch vampire thriller.

Available on- YouTube and Prime Video.

#10 – Gremlins (1984)

This innocent and fun movie that turns horrid is Joe Dante’s cinematic masterpiece. It draws upon mischievous folklore creatures as Billy’s pet Mogwai spawns’ strange evil creatures that cause havoc and violence. The graphics are immense and extraordinary, and the star cast includes Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, and Howie Mandel.

Available on- Amazon Prime, Prime Video and YouTube.

#11 – An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Another remarkable werewolf movie where David and Jack are attacked by a wolf of which the locals deny any knowledge of. One amongst the best horror movies 1980s became extremely popular for its transformation scene, which makes your skin crawl. The comic elements are effortlessly weaved into the dark and deep monster movie that leaves the audience spell-bound.

Available on- Netflix, Prime Video and Amazon Prime.

#12 – The Evil Dead (1981)

A fascinating tale of five friends who, on their weekend journey to the isolated cabin in the woods, become possessed by devils one after the other unleashed by a tape that plays incantations until only one is capable of fighting and surviving in the dark and morbid circumstances. This one will require you to keep extra blankets to hide, and doors and closets locked.

Available on- Amazon Prime and YouTube.

#13 – Phenomena (1985)

Directed by Dario Argento, this Italian 80s horror movies stars the amazing Jennifer ConnellyDaria Nicolodi, and Donald Pleasence. The plot is fascinating, and as a young girl discovers her powers as a psychic who can communicate with insects, she uses to pursue a serial killer who is unleashing violence and bloodshed by butchering young women in and around the Swiss Boarding School. 

Available on- Amazon Prime and Prime Video.

#14 – Santa Sangre (1989)

This avant-garde Mexican-Italian is of the sorts to keep you captivated and astounded. Gritty, gruesome, and grotesque. The plot follows the story of a Fenix who is a traumatized son of a father who was a knife thrower in the circus. This movie essentially triggers deep psychological discomfort in response to wicked humor, pain, and poetry.

Available on- Netflix, Prime Video.

#15 – Possession (1981)

A composite plot weaved with unsettling and disturbing graphics that are fully capable of haunting you for a while after you finish watching. Maybe even nightmares!

Available on- YouTube, Vimeo, and Amazon Prime.

If you want to delve deep into the dark world of fantasy and fear from the comfort of your couch, go on and experiment with these all-time favorite 80s horror movies that will expose you to the shapeless world of terror and fright.

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