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15 Best Amazon Prime Original Movies to watch

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After acing in providing groceries, clothing, gadgets, and other useful gears, Amazon Prime is now doing well in providing entertainment. It has a vast stock of amazon original movies. Watching its originals can be a fantastic experience for anyone looking up for some engaging entertainment. However, with lots of movies streaming over the same platform, it seems a little intimidating to select the best ones. To resolve the same, this article is intended to perform as a guide to its audience in choosing the best amazon prime original movies.

15 best amazon prime original movies that originally belong to amazon prime video are as follows:

#1 – The Handmaiden

The movie revolves around the life of a Japanese heiress, Hideko, who hires a handmaiden named Sookee. It is a romantic drama with thrilling exposure. The thrill is shown as the maid was actually on a secret mission to hornswoggle and defraud her along with a swindler.

#2 – Invisible life

This can be considered as one of the best Amazon original movies. It is a drama involving two inseparable sisters. Both of them are passionate about something in life. Soon destiny separates the duo, but they manage everything and never leave the hope of getting back together.

#3 – Manchester by the sea

This movie is all about a man named Lee Chandler. He has detached himself from his family for a long time now but receives a call one day about the news of his brother’s death. He is compelled to raise his 16-year old nephew and return to his past life.

#4 – Chasing happiness

It is a documentary on the life of the famous Jonas Brothers. It has got everything from their sheer beginning to becoming a successful band. Among other original prime movies, it has gained high ratings because of the connection that it has established.

#5 – The salesman

The storyline of this movie centers on an Iranian couple Emad and Ranaa. They used to be the performers of Arthur Miller’s “death of a salesman.” Ranaa experiences a physical assault in their new apartment. This incident destroys the peace of the couple’s life and is intriguing to the audience.

#6 – Cold War

Having the setting of the 1950s during the cold war times in Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia, and Paris. A passionate love story has been narrated in the movie plot. The love story was so not good with the timings. The typical and intriguing plot makes it one of the best amazon prime original movies.

#7 – The Big Sick

A full package of comedy, drama, and romance. It depicts a love story between Pakistan-born comedian Kumail Nanjiani and grad student Emily Gardner despite a great cultural clash. Later, Emily got ill, and Kumail was forced to deal with both of their families and his true feelings.

#8 – One Child Nation

A documentary that has well depicted the social experiment of the “one-child policy” in China. The film is a must-watch as it covers one of the dark chapters of the history of China. It has shown how it shaped as well as destroyed some lives.

#9 – Every little step

It is a musical film by Adam and James. It has described the detailed predicament that real-life dancers go through for the Broadway revival of “A Chorus Line.” It is one of the amazon prime original movies that is directed as a musical documentary.

#10 – The Vast of Night

The movie has elements of science fiction set in the 1950s in the small-town New Mexico. Two teens who have an obsession with radio experienced some strange frequencies on the airways through their earphones. The night when the incident happened becomes the most important night for the whole town.

#11 – 7500

An intense thriller, having the story of an aircraft’s hi-jack by terrorists. The flight shown in the plot is from Berlin to Paris. The pilot named Tobias Ellis fights to maintain control of his airliner. Among the prime original movies, this thriller must not be missed.

#12 – Don’t worry, He Won’t get far on Foot

Amazon prime has presented this motivational life-changing comedy-drama. It is based on a true story of John Callahan, who, after meeting an accident, discovers the real healing power of art. It has the incidents of self-discovery and motivational twists within the plot.

#13 – The Goldfinch

The story of a 13-year young boy in New York is chaotic as he has lost his mother in a terrorist attack. The attack happened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This incident made him all panicky, and he steals a priceless painting known as “The Goldfinch.

#14 – Brittany Runs a Marathon

One of the amazon original movies that seem relatable to any 27-year old. The story is about a New Yorker who decides to make her life full of positivity. She sets an unimaginable goal for her, i.e., to participate in the New York City Marathon.

#15 – Honey boy

Alma Har’el has directed this film having the terrible childhood and early years of a young actor. The movie is loosely based on Shia LaBeouf’s life. All his struggles of harmonizing his relations with his father and dealing with his mental health are displayed well.


All these films are streaming online to host you and ease your days of boredom. Tune into these amazon original movies and have fun all day long.

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