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Are you watching the Best documentaries on Netflix?

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Documentaries films are collections of non-fictional motion pictures that are intended to depict a given reality of real events, real people, real metaphors, and practical nature. Its primary purpose is maintaining the actual record. Netflix always makes a move to present these documentaries. To show the sweet, bitter truth of history. Sometimes it is sad, funny, scary, or anywhere in between the facts. As per word, the truth is heart, but sometimes it becomes to overcome our present hurdles and get inspired by it. If you are looking for the best documentaries on Netflix, you are in the right place. This list is fit for you to open up with a new point of view of this world. Experience it all..

#1 – Unsolved Mysteries:

Who doesn’t like to fall down a cold case rabbit hole? Netflix rebooted the long-running TV staple network this July, which was the zenith of the genre of true crime, interviews-and-re-enactments. Netflix’s Unsolved Mystery has been a big success, with viewers playing detective couch side all over again.

#2 – Athlete A

 Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics teacher, has been accused of abuse by more than 500 people. The directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk are finding redress for those women in Athlete A. The documentary hones the story of Maggie Nichols, who spoke out about Nassar ‘s abuse in 2015—as well as the local newspaper reporters who made a national story of Nassar ‘s crimes.

# 3 – Bill Nye Science Guy

If you’re a kid of the ’90s, you still have foggy memories of Bill Nye quipping and playing with science on PBS. (Whether or not you learned any of the actual lessons, TBD.) If you don’t know anything more about Nye, watch the 2017 PBS documentary, Bill Nye: Science Guy, where the scientist challenges the world’s climate change deniers – and teachers.

#4 – Ugly Delicious

Here’s a general thumb rule: If David Chang ‘s culinary legend digs a restaurant, chef, or anything edible, it’s really — best to put on your radar. Follow Chang’s adventures in Ugly Fun, where he adds some Food World 101 lessons and visits to out-of-the-way places and trips with his favorite chefs. (More one Outback Steakhouse excursion.)

#5 – Last chance you

 He ‘d already had four Last Chance U seasons under his belt before Greg Whiteley introduced Cheer into the nation. His profiles of junior college football teams — where guys are genuinely one error away from hanging up their pads for good — are some of the best depictions of small-town America and young people we’ve seen this decade.

#6 – Jeffrey Epstein- Filthy Rich

There have been few 2019 news reports higher than Jeffrey Epstein ‘s arrest and suicide, one-time high-society financier and convicted sex offender.It includes interviews with former colleagues and associates of Epstein — and particularly chilling deposition footage of Epstein himself — director Lisa Bryant focuses on survivor stories, Women who have been drawn into Epstein ‘s circle and are brave enough to share with the world their accounts.

#7 – Becoming

 Back in 2017, Michelle Obama turned her life into a bestselling memoir, and in 2020, Netflix released a documentary on her book tour following the former First Lady. The film shows glimpses of the journey and moments detailed in the book from Obama’s life, such as her childhood in Chicago, campaigning with her husband, and experience in the White House.

#8 – A Secret Love 

 Two women fell in love in 1947 and began a relationship that would last seven decades, which they kept a secret for the vast majority of their lives.

#9 – American Factory

 This Oscar-winning film profiles an abandoned Ohio plant which a Chinese billionaire reopened as a factory. Soon what starts as hope and optimism turns to cultural clashes between high-tech China and America’s working class.

#10 – Pandemic: How to prevent to the outbreak

The limited series profiles on the frontlines of the fight against influenza physicians, researchers, and scientists, and how they ensure that the planet will prevent a global epidemic.

#11 – Murder To Mercy: the story cyntoia Brown Story

 Cyntoia Brown, a seventeen-year-old, was charged with murder and robbery, tried as an adult, found guilty, and sent to live in prison. And her situation has proven more complicated than that.

#12 – Hot Girls Wanted : 

 This film won the pick of the 2015 Sundance breakout documentary and inspired a Netflix miniseries. The doc follows girls aged eighteen and nineteen into the amateur porn industry, demonstrating how dangerous the profession can be.

#13 – Tiger King: Murder Mayhems And Madness

Hello!  all of you cool cats and kittens, do you think you’re watching a show about animal treatment? Not so fast. This begins as a documentary looking at the roadside zoos in America turns into an insane story of polygamy, feuds, and a plot of murder-for-hire. For the first 10 days on Netflix, there’s a reason 34 million viewers viewed Tiger King. 

 #14 – Crip Camp: 

 Crip Camp takes a look at a summer camp that has revolutionized the movement for the disability. The profoundly disturbing documentary discussed a period when disability rights were tragically neglected, focusing on a group of teenagers attending the camp.

 #15 -Sex Explained: 

 Such docuseries chronicle the history of sex, reproduction, and sexuality, and research. The smooth voice of Janelle Monáe ‘s introduction is much more compelling than the monotonous lesson plan of your middle school sex-ed teacher.

#16 – Miss Americana :

 The long-anticipated documentary by Taylor Swift depicts the Grammy winner behind the scenes. Bonus: it also contains proof that she has one of those cat backpacks in a tiny rocket, which makes them look, astronauts.

#17 – Evil Genius:

 Evil Genius tells the absolute, crazy tale of what happened in 2003 if you’ve ever heard rumblings about a bank heist that ended in a pizza guy blown up with a collar bomb. If you haven’t heard of the trial, start with the first sentence, and read on. It is a four-part documentary that unwraps all the mystery behind Brian Wells’ murder and the string of events that led him to become involved in a deadly bank robbery in Pennsylvania that made headlines around the country.

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