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15 Best Drama Movies of All Time

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Drama is the earliest form of the genre in acting. A favorite among theatres, radios, and plays to date. The movie industry has neither fallen behind drama or the use of drama. But moving on, true movie buffs love to watch this genre for its subtle camera angles, excellent dialogue delivery, great direction to go with marvelous acting skills.

So many times has drama brought the best of an actor or actress. These are the Movies which can be and must be enjoyed in theatres with friends or family. These Movies induce the thoughts of a corner seat among couples and lovers. Being the most common genre among all films, this has a gigantic list of great movies.

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But today we will be looking at fifteen of the best drama movies. Bringing them down to such a small number was a tough task and instead of jotting them down as per their rating. This list takes in a bunch of different genres alongside drama and has picked the most worthy.

#1 – Goodfellas 1990

This directorial masterpiece by Scorsese stands out in all areas, including visual and narrative excellence. This movie is directed and presented in a way that leaves the audience with a sense of fulfilment. It is two and half hours of a narrative masterpiece. It is truly the best mobster movie in the 1990s.

Available on: Netflix

#2 – Taare Zameen par (2012)

The film brings out the ground reality of how the world looks at children who suffer from dyslexia. Taare Zameen Par is one of the greatest movies.

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‘Every Child is Special’ is the main essence of the movie. It portraits the issue faced in our society and the bond between a teacher and student.

Available on: Netflix

#3 – 12 angry men (1957)

An inspiration to moviemakers, this movie revolves around 12 men d12 Angry Men is one of the classic movies that one should watch. The story revolves around a heated Jury discussion for the trial of a boy who is abused by his father, is accused of murdering him. This masterclass is one of the best drama movies.

Available on: YouTube for free and Amazon Prime.

#4 – Godfather 2 (1974)

This classic adaptation from the book of its same name needs no introduction. An epic and glorious continuation of the godfather. The great use of dark photography makes it more and more intriguing. A very calm and dashing gangster movie and a glorious achievement of Hollywood cinema.

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Available on: Netflix, Prime

#5 – The King’s Speech (2010)

Based on a true story, the King’s Speech is a superbly well-acted WWII historical period piece about the painfully reluctant ascension of King George VI to the throne of England, his agonizingly embarrassing, life-altering stammer, and the unlikely speech coach providence brought his way.

Available on: Amazon Prime, Netflix

#6 – Forrest Gump (1994)

This Oscar-winning movie by Tom Hanks will have you hooked from the first minute and make you fall in love with life all over again. This depicts the life of a struggling man who faces challenges but at the same time achieves success on several occasions. This movie makes you laugh, cry, rejoice, angry, and every other emotion.

Available on: Netflix, Prime

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#7 – Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The story of a certain Andy Dufresne being narrated by Morgan Freeman will surely lift your spirits. The Shawshank Redemption is based upon the legendary Stephen King’s novel which represents the very truth of life: never lose hope because it is probably best of all.  This is rightfully the best drama movie of all time.

Available on: Amazon Prime, Netflix

#8 – The Imitation Game (2014)

Based on the life of the brilliant British mathematician, Alan Turing, the movie features his efforts to break the Nazi Enigma Code through a machine that eventually paved the way for modern-day computers.

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This movie is for all the people who love mystery, mathematics, and reality.

Available on: Netflix, Prime

#9 – A beautiful mind (2001)

Another true story about the mathematician John Nash is fighting his schizophrenic nature.  The character of John Nash will not only touch your heart but also you can feel sympathy and empathy for that character. This movie is a spectacular piece of art, highlighting all the significant breakthroughs and circumstances of his life.

Available on:  Amazon Prime, Netflix.

#10 – The Notebook (2004)

It is a heart-touching movie, a perfect adaptation from the original novel by Nicholas Sparks. This movie will pour you in emotions too deep, which is love, real love.

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Well directed and excellent performance by the cast. It brings out the character in love and passion in all directions and signs.

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime

#11 – Dead Poets Society (1989)

A peek into the education system’s failures shown by an English teacher doing things unusual from the norm and rekindling hopes of breaking freedom to his students. With intertwining literary mastery, this film shows humanity in a poetically relatable way.

This movie is underrated among the good drama movies.

Available on: Hotstar.

#12 – Good Will Hunting (1997)

This movie is an indication that sometimes we need someone else to show us our true potential and keep believing in ourselves. It’s one of those movies you need to watch, every time you make something new out of it.  You will be satisfied at the end but also sad that the movie is over.

Available on: Amazon Prime, Netflix

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#13 – The Truman Show (1998)

Jim Carrey has always been an outstanding actor and this movie just adds another one to his bag of masterpieces. The acting, storyline, cast, and everything about this movie were to the point. It takes innovation to a whole another level to produce something like this. It has everything rolled into one perfect package.

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime

#14 – Spotlight (2015)

Directed by Tom McCarthy, Spotlight is a tremendous piece of filmmaking that will make you go completely speech with the harsh reality.

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It follows the newspaper’s team named Spotlight, investigating cases of widespread and systemic child sex abuses in the Boston area by numerous Catholic priests. This movie is undeniably a gem.

Available on:  Netflix, YouTube and Google Play.

#15 – Fight Club (1999)

“So first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about fight club”

Fight club is based on Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel of the same name. This movie is dark and disturbing, however, it is equally smart and stylistic. It makes many bold statements against the modern consumer-driven society, that makes it a masterpiece.

No best drama movies list is complete without this movie.

Available on: Amazon Prime


There is a sea of best drama movies that are missing out on this list. But these fifteen are equal to the remaining greats in their own right.

Time will pass in a flurry with these Movies, and you will forever be left with the innate beauty of the story that is portrayed, the moral they want to convey, and the magnanimity of the characters. And only wishing the movie had never ended.

Happy viewing!

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