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15 Best Fantasy Movies of All Time

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“There is no such thing as magic, a supernatural, miracle, only something beyond the logic of the observer.” ― Toba Beta. To think beyond reality and dive so deeply into the thought of creating something different, something beyond the common man’s imagination is what makes a good fantasy movie.

Best Fantasy movies are a big hit amidst the audiences because of their mysterious, out-of-this-world concepts, which shines a different light on humans and their ever-changing nature of being. 

Fantasy takes people away from their monotonous everyday lives and allows them a venture through which they enjoy adventure and spectacle, imagining a better, different world than theirs.

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Fantasy movies help draw the line between reality, experience, and knowledge, giving people more to think about, expanding their mental horizons. As humans, we crave a sense of wonder and curiosity, leading us to think deeply about fantasy and reality.

Here is a list of best fantasy movies ever to be made:

#1 – The Lord of the Rings (2001)

The Lord of the Rings (2001) is a milestone film in the fantasy genre that changed the way people looked at fantasy in movies—a mystical story of hobbits, wizards, and elves uniting against the dark forces of evil.

The story is set in a world rich with mythology and with real and mythical characters. In the grand tradition of film noir, the film’s darkness is not easily explained and can only be understood through faith.

It is available on Netflix, YouTube, and GooglePlay Movies.

#2 – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010) is a film adaptation of the best-selling novel by Ben Hecht and based on the play by Ted Danson.

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Sorcerer Balthazar finds his student, Dave, worthy of the mighty Dragon Ring and, in turn, trains him as an apprentice to save the city of his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath.

It is available on Hotstar, YouTube, and GooglePlay Movies.

#3 – Maleficient (2014)

This is one of the best fantasy movies starring Angelina Jolie as the protagonist. Maleficent is a kind-hearted fairy, misled by Stefan, the love of her life. She believes that she and Stefan are destined to be together and that anything else is impossible.

Once she realizes that she can’t give him everything he wants and that making any attempt to engage him will only prolong their estrangement, she decides to run away with her elder sister, Undine.

It is available on Hotstar, YouTube, and GooglePlay Movies.

#4 – Life of Pi (2012)

The story of an Indian-origin teenager who finds a way to survive on a lifeboat along with a set of animals after his ship sinks in the middle of nowhere. The film is captivating and earns its place as a fantasy film.  It’s gripping, beautiful, and at times heartbreaking.

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It is available for rent on Hotstar, YouTube and GooglePlay Movies.

#5 – Harry Potter Series (2001 – 2011)

There is no need to elaborate on how brilliant this movie series is; it is undoubtedly the best fantasy movie of all time. The series revolves around three students at the magic school of Hogwarts, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and their adventures.

Harry Potter films are favorite among audiences because of their imaginative storytelling and diverse characters.

It is available for rent on YouTube, Amazon Prime, and GooglePlay Movies.

#6 – The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)

Lucy and her siblings find a wardrobe that lands them in the magical world of Narnia. Here they learn to join forces with Aslan to fight off the evil queen.

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The Chronicles of Narnia is a timeless piece of literature that can be seen by anyone young or old, and it only makes sense.

It is available on Hotstar, YouTube, and GooglePlay Movies.

#7 – The Princess Bride (1987)

The Princess Bride (1987) is a fairy tale adventure of a beautiful young woman who escapes from her everyday life to be with a man she believes is her partner in crime but who has hidden reasons for wanting to be with her.

This relationship will test the mettle of every relationship throughout the movie and ultimately determine if the princess is worthy of being saved or not.

It is available on Hotstar, YouTube, and GooglePlay Movies.

#8 – Jumanji (1995)

While playing a fantasy board game, the characters of the game start coming true and unleash the beings of the wild into the real world.

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Through intricate and fantastical board games, Jumanji transports the characters into a fantasy land where they must battle monsters, discover hidden treasures, and work together with others to defeat the dominating forces of darkness.

It is available for rent on YouTube, Amazon prime and GooglePlay Movies.

#9 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

Based on Roald Dahl’s novel of the same name, Charlie, a young boy from a low-income family and four other children, wins a tour of an extraordinary chocolate factory owned by Willy Wonka, an adventurous chocolatier.

It expertly combines story, dialogue, and imagery while immersing the audience in a fantastical and colorful world filled with unusual characters. It’s a thrilling story about a boy who discovers winning and dining at the top tables of the chocolate industry.

It is available on Netflix, YouTube and GooglePlay Movies.

#10 – Time Bandits (1981)

One of the best fantasy movies of all time, ‘Time Bandits’, is a tale of six dwarfs and their adventures. The story centers on six dwarfs who band together to steal a golden egg from a dragon. They do this by using time-traveling devices and strategies borrowed from many fantasy classics.

It is available on Amazon Prime.

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#11 – The Jungle Book (2016)

The Jungle Book (2016) is a fresh look at Mowgli’s story, an abandoned human boy raised by a pack of wolves in the jungles. Based on the beloved novel by Rudyard Kipling, this film beautifully brings to life the imagination of a child who adapts to life in wild and mysterious surroundings despite insurmountable obstacles.

The story follows a young boy named Mowgli who, after being abandoned by his parents, is found by a group of apes led by Bagheera. Having been raised by humans, Mowgli gradually learns to trust them and develops a fascination with the creatures around him.

 It is available on Hotstar, YouTube, and GooglePlay Movies.

#12 – The Wizard of Oz (1939)

The Wizard of Oz (1939) tells how one family found themselves in an alternate universe after a gruesome tornado swept through their town.

The plot follows Dorothy, a young farmhand who, along with her parents, grandfather and sister, are trapped in a magically protected wooden house with only food and water to sustain them. As they struggle to survive, they’re visited by an elderly wizard whom they quickly recognize as their quirky neighbours.

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It is available for rent on YouTube, Amazon Prime and GooglePlay Movies.

#13 – Beauty and the Beast (2017)

A long-lost tale of love, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a fantasy romance movie breaking all barriers of forbidden love. It is a love story about a woman and a beast.

Beast comes across as a naive young girl who has a naive view of the world; she believes that anger can be exchanged for love and vice versa, that bad people can be made good (or vice versa).

It is available on Hotstar.

#14 – Pan’s Labrynth (2006)

A young girl is rightly informed about her true self as a Princess and has to complete three tasks to prove so. The tasks are quite complex and challenge the girl’s sense of morality, justice, and even self-worth.

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It seems likely that most children would fail these tasks (although it is never stated what the true nature of the defensive armored is).

It is available on Netflix.

#15 – Spririted Away (2001)

It is a detailed piece of work by the Japanese director, Hayao Miyazaki. Chihiro, a 10-year old, along with her parents, stumbles upon a strange, mysterious park meant for supernatural beings.  

In this film, Chihiro is afraid of the dark and afraid of the people around her. She fears her parents will figure out how she can beat the game and take away her puppy; she fears the darkness surrounding her because it is real.

It is available on Netflix.


These are some of the best fantasy movies out of a long list of movies. I hope you enjoy watching them!

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