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The 15 Best Movies on Disney+ Hotstar Right Now

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Disney’s streaming service Disney+ is here, and the volume of content available at your fingertips may feel amazing. Indeed, Disney Plus was launched with hundreds of films and thousands of TV shows to watch, all from the Disney title library – and from Disney’s New, Disney-Plus-Exclusive content.

The studio digs far to the archive for this one, making a forgotten live-action film from the 60s, 70s, and 80s along a ton of Disney’s original film. And it’s not yet another catalogue title from Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm and a growing library of new original films that you can only find in Disney +.

So with strong film ranks available for streaming at Disney Plus, we feel the need to help reduce your choices about what to watch on new streaming services.

We have gone through the library and revoked some of the best movies on Disney+ offered, starting from the classic animation to Marvel Superhero films to Star Wars films for even surprising direct action titles.

There is a little something for everyone in this list, further evidence that Disney + is not just programming for children. They target the whole family. So below, weigh the list of our Best Movies on Disney+ Hotstar Right Now.

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#1 – The Kid Who Would Be King

One of the good things about Disney’s acquisition of the 20th-century fox is that it can now show off a film that is slightly lost in the shuffle on its large streaming service. It is, of course, with children who will become King, a good tilted fantasy adventure film released by Fox in 2019. What determines the child who will become a separate king is the author/director Joe Cornish, who previously led an excellent attack of blocks and brought authenticity in the process.

This film feels tactile, but from an aesthetic perspective but also emotional. This is an inspiring, exciting, and fantastic story that will play well for young adults.

#2 – Raya and the Last Dragon

While the highway and the last dragon kind of passed under the radar given the release of the pandemic, now the right time to catch up with what is one of the best films Walt Disney Animation Studios in recent years.

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This is an epic fantasy story with an extraordinary world-building because it rotates around a young woman named Raya who travels to find a lost dragon and cancel the disaster that breaks the world of Kumandra into five separate tribes, each with their territory.  It’s not only fun and thrilling but very funny.

#3 – Queen of Katwe

Queen Katwe 2016 is a little hidden gem because the actual story drama flew almost completely under the radar and is one of the last “live-action drama” films released from Disney.

This story follows a young girl who lives in Uganda who learns to play chess and become a woman. It is precisely the type of sports drama that feels the world can use more but is made with emotional wisdom and complexity. Director Mira Nair simultaneously captures the reality of harsh life in slum Kampala. The film was emotional and tethered by a pair of great adult performances from Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo.

#4 – Ralph Breaks the Internet

While destroying – Ralph dug into the world of arcade and classical gaming with extraordinary results, the sequel Ralph breaks the internet change the focus into a completely different type of animal: the internet.

In a successful Disney sequel mold, the film maintains a very meaningful core character for the audience when evolving and challenging them to count. Here, Ralph and Vanellope potentially separate ways when they enter the massive world of the internet.

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This film explores the themes of masculinity and online culture – even though it never preached-y. There is plenty of time for fun too, and while people can see the Star Wars reference and Disney Princess as shameless cross-shameless promotion, it does not mean they are not too pleasant.

#5 – Newsies

If you are wondering why Christian Bale starred in Disney’s musical, you are not alone. When Bale initially entered the star on the news, it was an easy drama – it was a bit late in the game that Disney decided Disney-Fy’s film by bringing legendary musicians Alan Menken to write original songs for the original film 1899-set films.

This story follows a group of teenage and pre-adolescent newspaper hawkers almost scraped in New York City whose livelihoods are threatened when competition broke out between publishers. The charm of news is fixed even if Bale himself seems to be a bit embarrassed by the sign on his film.

#6 – Soul

Disney + has 2020, and a large soul is our favorite Disney + film this year. Initially intended for the release of the theater (after Splashy’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival), the latest Pixar works instead debut quietly on the Streaming platform on Christmas Day.

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It makes sense because this film includes universal themes of life, death, and what it means to find your spark. Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) is a high school band teacher in New York who likes Jazz and dreams of playing with his favorite band. The opportunity appeared on the same day that he accidentally fell from the open hole.

#7 – Togo

If you’ve seen the 1995 Balto animation feature (produced by Steven Spielberg through a short-lived wall shed), you likely have at least a glimpse of awareness about the 1925 serum managed by Nome(There is also a statue in Central Park dedicated to this extraordinary achievement.)

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 The least known is that Balto does not read dog sled stars; He was only a person who led his back on the last leg of the trip. Dogs that cover the farthest distance, in truly terrible conditions, are named Togo. Willem Dafoe stars as Leonard “Sepp” Sepp, a very interesting true historical figure who introduced Siberia Husky to the English-speaking world and followed the events depicted at the 1932 Olympics.

#8 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: Star Wars Story Still kicks the ass. The story of someone’s naughty production is now legendary (or maybe famous). Director Gareth Edwards brought the level of tactile realism lost in the film Star Wars since the original trilogy, maybe, because this was the film set right before the first film event.

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(Surprising, naughty one will soon be raised as the original 12-episode Disney + series called Andor, set to debut in 2022.) Of course, you can sometimes see the stitches of bad people, but it also cannot be denied one of the most interesting projects and emotional resonance. To get out of the Disney Star Wars era.

#9 – Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns the power of the resurrection of Mary Poppins verses, and I mean as sincere praise. Emily Blunt Steps to the role of iconic Julie Andrews as a caregiver who can do anything with the Prim-and-right understanding, spinning perfectly between tough love and strange songs at that time.

The widescreen composition of Rob Marshall listens back to the golden days of Live-Action Disney extravaganza, and the script gives us a set of musical instruments after setting a piece. But when this craft is good, this interesting song and this Lin-Manuel Miranda “knocks on the cockney accent,” too pleasant not to let yourself be swept away in serious glory.

#10 – The Black Hole

Though the globe was developing with a storm for years before Star Wars, in 1979, the date of release of the black hole caused the adventure of Intergalactic George Lucas to feel like a direct answer. And it makes black holes look more strange. Initially, it was intended as a kind of set-featured Poseidon adventure (which you can see in the B-bag list of Oddball from the movie player); the black hole produces more foreigners.

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This is related to the spacecraft anchored at the space station, ready on the edge of the anomaly galaxy titular, and the people responsible for the space station that certainly have some creepy plans themselves.

#11 – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

It did not fall/winter without the Burton team nightmare before Christmas, which was technically Disney films (originally released through the Touchstone Disney image banner).

The perfect film for the transition from the spirit of Halloween into the crowded and bustle of the Christmas season, director Henry Selick and the beautiful stop-motion film still stand as a classic today. Spooky, yet not frightening, sad but not dull. Perfect tones – perfect, and the songs made addiction because a nightmare before Christmas told the story of outsiders who were looking for a place to be the wrong place but would do it in the wrong way.

#12 – The Santa Clause

The 1994 family comedy is the staple of the holiday season, but it is a carefully wave for every time of the year. Santa Clause Stars Team Allen as a single father who surprised Santa Claus on the roof, killed him (in the most subtle way), and then accidentally wore a lawsuit to become a new Santa Claus.

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It was difficult when he tried to fight, and his body began to turn into a soul Saint Nick when Elf at the North Pole tried to prepare a new Santa for his first Christmas. Along the way, he grew closer to his son and spilled the selfishness that made him a bad father.

#13 – Fantastic Mr. Fox

Rarely has a filmmaker more in line with certain media than Wes Anderson and the world of stop-motion animation, as exemplified in the fantastic FOX brilliant film Fox. Rushmore and Royal Filmmakers Tenenbaums try to make children’s films through Roald Dahl’s adaptation, and the results are funny and pleasant and a little melancholy.

Fantastic Story Mr. Fox found Fox (George Clooney) put everything on the line to steal from the three average farmers, which in turn put his family and friends in danger. The soundtrack was happy, the voice actors were very dry, and a beautiful aesthetic.

#14 – The Greatest Showman

Who has thought of a musical about P.T. Barnum will be one of the most pleasant films that entertained from the past few years?

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Yes, the greatest nail is very inaccurate and more than a little cheap, but the original song (by the songwriter behind La Land and Dear Evan Hansen) is a straight bok, and Hugh Jackman has the time to sing and dance Zac Efron Zendaya. Watch the circus musical, people! This is the right time!

#15 – National Treasure

If you are looking for undeniable films watched, no longer visible from national treasures. It’s a film that doesn’t pretend what it is or does. The cage plays an American historian and Hunter Treasure who took part in a series of Malang events, finally stole the declaration of independence, which happened to include a secret treasure map that had not been found during the last few centuries.

The film moves with fun and fun speed that reminds Echaan’s Eleven, and while Historical Buffs may have doubts with some specifics, it cannot be denied by the explosion to follow this character when they look for clues.


However, Disney + Hotstar’s best films are Marvel, LucasFilm, Star Wars, Disney Animation, and Pixar, most of them in the strength of the Holiday Disney Studio. More than 40 entries in the list below belong to one of those four brackets.

Therefore, Hotstar Disney + is much heavier on two genres – action-adventure and animation – than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Beyond it, there are more than 30 local offers from various large and small manufacturers, which are mostly free to watch, even with advertisements. There is a little something for everyone in this list, further evidence that Disney + is not just programming for children.

Hence, films are not a strong setting for Disney + Hotstar, even though they have many from Jafar Panahi and Pedro Almodóvar. Therefore, these are the Best Movies on Disney+ Hotstar, sorted alphabetically and categorized by genre.

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