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15 Best Movies on NetFlix Australia Right Now

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Choosing the best movies on Netflix Australia from their huge catalogue is difficult. This is by far the best time to chill and put on a great movie of our choice.

People are starting to ditch television and rolling out to theatres to save a buck, time, and, most importantly, watching in a cosy atmosphere of their loving. This has made the subscription video-on-demand services such as Netflix to boom in such a short span of time.

But things are not as easy as they sound, finding the perfect movie to watch takes searching for hours.

For an indecisive person, here is a list of what to watch on Netflix Australia. Back in old times, every movie had to be rented out, but nowadays, you are provided with too much choice, all for a low price.

Let’s scroll down and have a look at the 15 movies to watch and enjoy.

#1 – BlacKkKlansman (2018)

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Are you searching for the best Australian movies on Netflix? Well, BlacKkKlansman is definitely one of them.

With a 96% rating in rotten tomatoes, it’s an American comedy crime film with the tale of two heroes in two separate departments.

Ron Stallworth was the 1st American black officer who tried to infiltrate this American white hate group that is targeting African Americans. Along with his white colleague Flip Zimmerman, he exposed the extremist hate group Ku Klux Klan.

The story is realistic and full of suspense and life in the current situation. Overall, this movie is completely worth your time and money.

#2 – Uncut gems (2019)

Uncut Gems is an extremely tense drama with a rotten tomatoes rating of 92% about a gambling addict, and jewellery store dealer. Never before have you seen Adam Sandler in such a reprising role on Netflix Australia movies.

This 2 hours 15-minute drama is full of tensions where we found a jeweller playing a high-stake bet. He had to maintain family, business and opponents and also needed to lead the windfall of a lifetime through the ultimate win.

Guest-starring Kevin Garnett (NBA Player) this movie will have you on the edge of your seat.

#3 – My happy family (2017)

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My Happy Family is a movie with a strong message for people who don’t care about the sacrifices every mother makes.

The story is about a 52-year-old Georgian woman Manana who lives with the three generations under one roof.

She decides to leave her family and home and build a new life for herself. And there are chaotic consequences—a dramatic masterpiece giving a tribute to all middle-aged women.

It’s a journey into the unknown that begins. If your mother has sacrificed everything for you, this is bound to strike you. Everyone, especially young people, should watch this film to experience the things happening around.

#4 – God’s own country (2017)

God’s Own Country is a beautiful combination of soulful gritty with world-class writing.

The story is about a young farmer from Yorkshire who has to take on responsibility and family workload from a tender age with his father’s demise. He tries to numb his frustrations with drinking and casual sex until a Romanian migrant worker confronts him to change.

This movie gives a visual experience of the transformation of a 25-year-old sheep farmer named Johnny Saxby that sets him on the right path.

This movie is definitely worth the popcorn and drinks. So, have one and let’s give it a shot!

#5 – Icarus (2017)

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Icarus is a super-thrilling drama with a very intense story of the illegal things in sports. Picked as the best movie on Netflix Australia, this is a must-watch.

This is a perfect blend of dark, thought-provoking, thrilling, true crime where Bryan Fogel tries to uncover the truth about doping in sports but transforms his story into a geopolitical thriller. 

It’s all about the story of Olympic Gold, unnatural death and the protagonist who exposes the darkest scandal of sports with time. This masterpiece is rated 92% in rotten tomatoes, that’s rank much higher, for sure.

#6 – Marriage story (2019)

Marriage Story is one of the best performances of writer-director Noah Baumbach’s.

A film with compassion and expansive grace that can reach the audiences through powerful acts. A razor-sharp script depicting a messy divorce from both sides leaves you with a painfully real feel.

Backed by outstanding performances from Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver as the couple, leave us rooting for both parties and wishing they both find happiness.

The story is so raw that it makes the audience feel emotionally burning and shows what divorce looks like if people get out of their own way.

#7 – The Irishman (2019)

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The deadly combination of director Martin Scorsese and the acting trio of Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci is back.

It’s an epic gangster drama that shows Scorsese’s farewell to the sort of gangster tales. It’s a no-brainer in the list of what to watch on Netflix Australia. Even though the runtime is sufficiently long, time flies by.

There are a total of 209 minutes and a single minute won’t be wasted, for sure. This movie is so relevant that it leaves the audience with emotions and you can spend your money on it, freely.

#8 – Beasts of no nation (2015)

Beasts of no nation is a fantastic movie written and directed by Cary FukunagaOne of the very first Netflix originals is based on the Civil war rages in Africa.

It’s a story about the barbaric scarring plight of African child soldiers named Abraham Attah. Idris Elba as their cruel and abusive leader has trained this young orphan as a guerilla fighter and put on a striking performance.

This movie shows how a young boy turned into a child soldier by joining in the mercenary fighters. It shows how a civil war tears a family apart and changes life. The story of Agu the child soldier will have lasting pain forever.

#9 – Your name (2016)

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Looking for something very romantic? You got it! Your Name is an emotionally satisfying animated movie with a great story of a teenage boy and girl.

This fictional animation movie has a profound impact on your call on society and gender. Two teens, a Tokyo boy, and a rural girl swap their bodies. What happens thereon is a skilful rendition of characters learning about the study of individual and national crises.

Rated with 98% in rotten tomatoes, this is a full-fledged romantic movie that is deep and brings a fascinating aura throughout the time.

#10 – The Big short (2015)

This Netflix Australia movie takes an unprecedented approach in explaining the global financial crisis of 2008, showcasing a few people who had predicted such a bubble, the government’s failure of regulation, and Wall Street greed.

It’s about such a serious and complicated subject but maintained in an impressive way with the well-acting.

The movie is packed with incredible performances from the likes of Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, and Ryan Gosling. If you like thrilling movies, you must watch this one. You’ll love the way each and every moment catches the attention of the audience.

#11 – Spotlight (2015)

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This award-winning Spotlight is a fact-based movie with a graceful story.

This award-winning academy movie tells the story of Boston Globe journalists exposing the catholic Church child abuse scandals, covered by the local catholic archdiocese. Shakes their entire institution to the core. The reporters make it a mission to expose the child sexual abuse incident in the Roman Catholic Church.

With a star-packed cast, you will be edged to your seats throughout. This movie is acted and directed with great urgency that makes it highly praised to the critics, as well.

#12 – Birdman(2017)

Birdman is a satiric and quirky movie that won 4 Academy Awards. A hilarious movie about a director trying to resurrect his film career through a Broadway show. But till the last moment, he is left looking for an actor before opening night. He finds the perfect actor but is unable to take his alter ego.

This film is packed with renowned actors- Michael Keaton, Emma Stone,  Naomi Watts, etc. With the perfect cinematography and sound mixing, it has become a masterpiece to many critics over there. You’ll be simply amazed by its intense and uncompromising performances, indeed.

#13 – Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)

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With Charlie Kaufman’s amazing writing and Michel Gondry’s daring directions, this visually arresting film shows the bitter side of love and the pain of loss.

This romantic sci-fi movie is one of the best movies on Netflix Australia. Joel and Clementine begin their relationship post a train journey only to find out they were previously in a relationship, the memories of which had been clinically erased.

To end the bitter relationship, they have erased their memory but meet again. If you love romantic films, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. We would love to recommend it.

#14 – The Matrix (1999)

Love to watch action movies? Then, this is for you for sure. The Matrix is one of the most famous action movies ever. It’s the result of Wachowskis’ imaginary and thoughtful writing and also the spectacular acting of the casts of the film.

This Keanu Reeves starrer is a story about a digital war against a machine regime set in the 22nd century. You’ll see a brutal fight against intelligent agents for their lives.

This movie has transformed action movies for the time ahead. This movie is truly a gem and you’ll understand it with the scenes unfolded.

#15 – Klaus (2019)

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The film ‘Klaus’ is a strong candidate for making your holiday relaxing. The heartwarming and spectacular humour throughout the time makes the film even more enjoyable.

It’s a picturesque nineties-style animation filled with genuinely funny moments and tells the story of a postman who has proved himself to be the worst in the academy. Following which he is posted to a frozen town in the north, he comes across Santa Claus.

It’s rated 94% in rotten tomatoes that are obviously due to the stunning way this film makes the audience involved.

I hope you have already brought popcorn for your place to enjoy these Netflix Australia movies.

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