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Best Netflix Original Movies to Watch

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Ranging from Rom-com dramas to Academy Award harbourers, OTT platform performers, the Netflix original movies have engraved their legendary feat into the film industry.

The new movies on Netflix have unleashed an unprecedented power play in the world of cinema. Tons of new movies were released on Netflix in the past few months, which inevitably toppled down the old-school film industry by a huge margin.

Over the years, Netflix has established its empire as a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience with superior quality entertainment. From big-budget action dramas to low budget rom-com, Netflix has been gauging every genre in equal measures to reach the audience and do justice to the impressive cinema.

The first-ever feature-length original film released by Netflix was Beasts of No Nation, back in 2015. Today new Netflix original movies have been receiving sky-rocket viewership and a consequent celluloid revolution.

Let’s take a look at a list of the streaming prowess of best Netflix original movies.

#1 – Marriage Story (2019)

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Marriage Story is a great work of the famous writer-director, Noah Baumbach.

This is a progressive caustic drama that presents excellent performances, a sharp screenplay, and a portrayal of the excruciating pain of ending a relationship in all justice.

It shows how a couple goes to their limits regarding the gruelling divorce and stays in a broken family. The outstanding performances of the cast leave the audience mesmerized.

The complicated premise ripples to simplify throughout the runtime. This thrilling movie is full of surprises that are completely worth the price.

#2 – The Irishman (2019)

A relentless Scorsese creation that weaves through one of the best gangster stories we have come across. If you want a monumental three-hour and thirty minutes of reminiscence and betrayal in your life, The Irishman is at your service.

This epic gangster drama is the story of a truck driver named Frank Sheeran who has become a top-hitter and has been involved in organized crime.

The story turns into reality with the amazing performances of the movie casts that make it even more joyful and full of suspense. So, if you love to watch movies with suspensions, this one is recommended for you.

#3 – Roma (2018)

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This movie won’t make you bored even for a second throughout the 2 hours and 15 minutes.

This is one of the best creations of the writer-director Alfonso Cuarón. A frontrunner for the Best Picture in Oscars, Roma shows life in 1970’s Mexico through the perspective of a domestic helper to an upper-middle-class family.

This movie is an emotional portrait of the journey of a domestic worker where we find a strong bond with her family. Alfonso Cuaron nails every frame with finesse and realism, making this creation one of the best Netflix original movies.

To enjoy quality time, grab a bucket of popcorn and watch Roma.

#4 – Beasts of No Nation (2015)

Equipped with a compelling screenplay and dramatic cinematography, Beasts of No Nation is truly a masterpiece.

This movie is top-notch with terrific acting and art direction among the first Netflix original movies ever produced.

This is basically a story of a young West African boy who falls apart because of the civil war. Here you’ll see how this young boy was forced to struggle and gradually become.

#5 – Dolemite is My Name (2019)

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This movie is based on a fiction story by Rudy Ray Moore where you’ll find all the outrageous characters with amazing performances.

A biopic charts the career of a multi-talented entertainer brings out endearing optimism and a riotously good plotline to the audience. The ups and down of a struggling comedian make the drama full of life and boldness that makes this drama hard to resist.

This beautifully crafted realism drama is undoubtedly infused that you don’t want to miss! I was a bit worried about the enthusiasm of this drama as it’s a biopic. But, it proved me wrong and became one of my favourite Netflix movies.

#6 – The Two Popes (2019)

An amazing movie with an 89% score in tomato meter. Amongst the new Netflix original movies, The Two Popes stands out with faithful cinematic conversion of grave situations, the chemistry between Pope Benedict and the future Pope Francis, and a delicate balance of humour and serious matters.

Here the leading characters create such pivotal moments that leave the audience speechless. The story is played in such a way that can never be better than this.

People who are truly attracted to the good stuff in theatres will love this movie as it has the subject matter that makes the movie worth watching.

#7 – Gerald’s Game (2017)

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This story is so thrilling that you’ll get the ultimate goosebump, for sure. This heart-wrenching film is vile, evil, and shockingly wicked in all its worth.

A burgeoning horror flick takes the female lead on a tour of her tragedies and regrets, wherein she must uncuff her wrists before she goes insane. The husband’s sex game gone wrong and so their life in the meantime where we see a handcuffed woman who kills her husband accidentally.

With the frustrating and horrible situation, the lady starts to experience strange visions that make the movie more intense. The whole story of fighting and getting free is definitely something that the viewers are gonna love.

#8 – The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

This movie is an anthology of six short movies and also a cinematic experience of Western drama where you’ll see the post-Civil War era.

With six different but amazing stories, the Coen brothers take a clear cut above best Netflix original movies with its marvellous six-part anthology.

All the stories are individually captivating and full of a unique blend of comedy and dread that expresses the Coen Brothers material most. Spending 2h 12m on this drama will be a fruitful investment if you’re a movie lover. A must watch drama, indeed!

#9 – Mudbound (2017)

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If you’re interested to know about American history, this movie will be a good recommendation. Well, this is a spellbinding drama reckons with confronting racial wars and class differences.

In this drama, we see two people of two different colours struggling to confront racism while working in rural Mississippi. This post-slavery existentialism is captured with an equally gruelling understanding of the present with a retrospective multitude. We can see how these guys are adjusting their lives to the brutal realities of prejudice after the World War II era.

This movie is one of the best stuff on Netflix based on the outstanding casts and story you’ll find. I’ll definitely recommend this one to spend quality time with.

#10 – El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

This Netflix original movie is the final nail to the coffin for the humongous successful Breaking Bad series. This sequel infused movie lays down the endnote of the show by a character, Jesse Pinkman who ran from his past, law and also from captors.

The well-crafted story by Vince Gilligan makes the thing money-worthy to watch throughout the time. The leading cast Aaron Paul did an amazing job to take the movie to another level.

In fact, this is one of his career-best performances. The complete drama is well-shot and perfectly visualized to make it more engaging that will make you thrilled, for sure.

#11 – Okja (2017)

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A family-friendly flick wherein a girl is a companion and caretaker to a larger than life creature, up in the mountains of South Korea.

The girl undertakes a mission to rescue her creature-friend from a large corporation that has kidnapped him. It’s all about Okja who is a fascinating beast that was trying to be kidnapped by a multinational company for scientific research. But his caretaker and constant companion, a Korean girl named Mija, goes to all her limits to protect the beast.

This rescue mission is not based on a particular thing but her single-minded intentions to save the animal from animal activism, corporate greed.

#12 – The Platform Master (2019)

An intriguing take on class conundrum and capitalism in the modern world. This sci-fi film portrays gluttony to cannibalism and brutal metaphors of life. This Spanish thriller is easily one of the best amongst new Netflix original movies.

This is about three filmmakers who were determined to meet with the talented video game savant. In the movie, you’ll see the in-depth story of the gamers life in the worst situation in the flood in his area.

The final film shows the unique and joyful way of leading the life of this super-talented gamer named Ulillillia. It’s not a hyped movie at all. But you’ll definitely enjoy watching this one. 

#13 – Private Life (2018)

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A hard-hThe story is all about the bumpy journey of a couple who was facing troubles in having a kid. It’s a hard-hitting drama with funny moments with speckless acting.

This comedy-drama follows a middle-aged couple struggling with infertility and is desperate to have a child by any (possible) means. The journey of a couple with the infertility struggle, fertility therapies and adoption, everything is beautifully shown in this movie and also with the adult passage.

Here, we see how a woman can be desperate to get a baby putting married life on the edge. The strong script and beautiful acts make the film better than you expect. A must-watch film!

#14 – Mirage (Durante La Tormenta) (2018)

Mirage is a film with satisfying complexity and dazzling. This Spanish thriller steals the show with a psycho-drama weaved with sci-fi genre to portray a beautiful space-time conundrum of lies, love, and glitches.

Oriol Paulo did his best to make the film even more enjoyable and full of breathtaking situations. This story is about a woman who was murdered and also a child who got kidnapped and the ultimate 72 hours to find out the truth.

Along with the perfect story, this is a highly emotional drama with perfect twists. Go ahead with this foreign flick if you desire an emotional deluge out of a film.

#15 – The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

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A definite entry into the list of best Netflix original movies. This heart-warming flick portrays diverse chemistry between the two leads, funny tones, dark humour, and convincing performances.

Here, we see a writer who experiences tragedy in life and becomes later a caregiver to a teenage disabled. They get out for a road trip in search of landmarks. But they finish their journey with abundance, hope and precious friendship.

I personally found this film so connecting, especially for the youth of nowadays. It’s definitely a film worth watching!

Without much ado, grab a bowl of popcorn, log in to your Netflix and binge all of them, best Netflix original movies this quarantine!

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