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Best Survival Movies of all time

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There’s something about a perfect, man-vs.-nature a film so unbelievably satisfying. The best survival movies parallel everything to the essential elements: there are very few characters at their disposal, they have only their wits and some limited tools, and they have only one objective in mind: to remain alive. And even with so few ingredients, these films are still capable of boosting our heart rates, And yet, with so few ingredients, these films can always lift our heart rates, and give us a twinge of the existential horror that is nature’s vastness—survival films are best examples of how to make the least of the most.

#1 – Life of a pie:

This is the one of the greatest movie which is Based on the award-winning 2001 novel by Yann Martel. A 16-year-old buy (PI) who survives a shipwreck and finds himself trapped on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger and among other animals in the zoos.  

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#2 – Touching the void:

The story follows the most stressful, blood pressure-raising organizations on the planet, not least because the actual survivors say it’s a true story. 

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#3 – 127 Hours :

The film, written by Trainspotting director Danny Boyle, tells the tragic real-life story of Aron Ralston, an outdoor enthusiast. Ralston was trapped under a rock while hiking alone through the caverns of Utah, so he had to find out how to remain alive while unable to move.

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#4 – Open water:

After watching this profoundly unsettling horror movie, you might think twice about your next scuba diving getaway. This movie is based on an actual case from 1998. the story follows a couple who become stranded after their party mistakenly leaves them behind during a scuba expedition. Upon resurfacing to be alone, their surprise soon transforms into fear when they discover they are in shark-infested water.

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#5 – Apollo 13:

The initial story about survival in space. The classic docudrama by Ron Howard brings to life the unsuccessful 1970 Apollo lunar mission. An oxygen tank exploded, destroying the spacecraft and severely depleting the supply of oxygen to the crew. Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton are the stars of the trio of astronauts trying to stay calm and collaborate with NASA on a series of jury-driven patching solutions up their craft and get home safely against the road.

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#6 – Gravity

 So if you thought it was uncomfortable enough to be trapped in space inside a rocket, imagine tumbling through space with no rocket to return to. The Oscar-winning epic stars of Alfonso Cuarón, Sandra Bullock, as a medical engineer whose very first space flight takes a tragic turn when space debris hits her shuttle and kills the rest of the crew. Gravity is a revolutionary technical accomplishment and a hell of a blockbuster after every thrilling second of Stone’s fight for survival.

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#7 – Cast away:

Without that iconic Tom Hanks-starring entry, which is both a convincing drama about human resilience and romance between a man and a volleyball, no list of survival stories will be complete. Hanks’ everyman washes up on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes in the Pacific, and he left by himself– except for Wilson.

Available on Prime Video.

#8 – The road:

While the very last genre you ‘re interested in seeing right now may be “post-apocalyptic,” this atmospheric adaptation of Cormac McCarthy ‘s novel is worth the torture. Viggo Mortensen appeared as the unidentified man trying to look after his son (Kodi Smit-McPhee) in the desolate wasteland that once was America. While hardly uplifting, The Road is a thrilling exploration of paternal and endurance.

Available on Prime Video.

#9 – The way back:

Not to be confused either with last year’s same-name Ben Affleck drama, or with the excellent summer movie The Way Way Home. In this true story, Jim Sturgess stars as Sławomir Rawicz, a former Polish prisoner of war who is incarcerated in a Siberian labor camp after being betrayed by his wife during the Second World War.

Available on Prime Video.

#10 – Rescue dawn:

starring Christian Bale, this film makes a marvelous move.he is well-known for his dramatic body transformations. And for his most memorable was Dieter Dengler ‘s role, a pilot whose plane was shot from the sky during the Vietnam War. Dengler was held prisoner by the Communist group Pathet Lao, which sought to compel Dengler to condemn America. The film follows his imprisonment with several American colleagues.

Available on Prime Video.

#11 – Rabbit proof fence:

The utterly harrowing drama from Australia is an adaptation of the novel by Doris Pilkington Garimara, Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence, which in effect, is loosely based on a true story. The film follows three Aboriginal girls who have ripped away from their families in Western Australia and put in a labor camp — part of the government’s colonial policy of taking and forcefully “training” Aboriginal children from their homes to integrate into white society. Following a daring escape, the three girls set out to go home with the authorities in pursuit, back to their homes.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

#12 – Captain Philips:

Tom Hanks is the survival-film genre’s MVP. He plays the eponymous Captain Richard Phillips in this nerve-shredding thriller. This merchant mariner has been taken hostage by Somali pirates while navigating a cargo ship through the Guardafui Strait. While there’s plenty of action, maybe the most compelling aspect of the movie is watching Phillips’s recent, cautious attempts to outwit his captors.

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#13 – The Grey:

This movie is based on the survival of the Alaskan wilderness after a plane crash. Yet the character Liam Neeson in The Grey has something much more disturbing to deal with — a pack of wolves that stalk him.

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#14 – Crawl:

Crawl has a fundamental idea that keeps the audience tense all along. The story follows a young woman who, during a storm evacuation order, tends toward her father, who cannot leave his home. They have to survive when the floodwaters in the house rise and from the giant alligator.

Available on Prime Video.

#15 – The Martian:

 This movie is based on Andy Weir’s self-published novel. Martian tells the story of a botanist (played by Matt Damon) isolated on the Red Planet. He must have too survived and live long enough to return home.

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