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Best sexiest movies on netflix

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We ‘re watching movies to feel something — to laugh, to love, to be afraid, and, yes, even turn on. Goodly done, sex can be a movie’s guiding force, whether through on-screen chemistry, steamy leads, or romantic struggles and triumphs. Sex is not a taboo. It needs to be celebrated. And if you’re looking for a sex-loving movie, Netflix has a fantastic line up of sexiest movies. Get ready to dive into either solo or with partner. Here is some best sexiest movies on netflix:

#1 – Duck Butter

Writer Miguel Arteta co-wrote the screenplay for this comedy with Alia Shawkat, who stars as one-half of a couple (alongside Laia Costa) who meet at a club and explore intimacy through regular sex.

#2 – Blue is the warmest color

One of Netflix’s hottest movies right now, this French indie thriller, follows two women who have a deeply troubled romance and more sexual connection.

#3 – 365 Days

There are a whole lot of trashy streamy movies for every arty romantic film — and the trash seems to flourish once it’s found a home on is a polish film 365 Days, which is becoming increasingly popular among horny people everywhere since its streaming debut. The disturbing romance based on the series of books by Blanka Lipińska is corny as hell, fundamentally racist, and highly explicit. But, yeah, if you’re looking for a sexy bare-boned flick, it’s sure to do the trick!

#4 – Below her mouth

 Jasmine (Natalie Krill) is a design publisher who lives with her fiancé. She meets up with Dallas (Erika Linder), who is a single roofer recently. Jasmine can not get her mind off of Dallas. The two embark on a love affair.

#5 – Newness

A modern take on the meet-cute film, full of sexual tension. Since meeting on a hookup app, this pair falls for each other and seek to remain in love while still seeing other men.

#6 – American Honey

Writer/director Andrea Arnold allows you to sit shotgun for a group of wayward youth traveling in American Honey, a seductive drama about a “mag squad” selling subscriptions and falling in and out of love on the way. Seen through Star ‘s eyes, played by Sasha Lane, life on the Midwest highway proves to be directionless. This road trip movie full of sex scenes and debauchery.

#7 – Cam

Fans of horror and thriller movies can love Cam for a massive, suspenseful, and disheartening experience. In the film, a cam girl discovers that she has been taken over by a doppelgänger; she must track down the perpetrator and regain her identity and growing fan base.

#8 – Her

Scarlett Johannson and Joaquin Phoenix have fantastic chemistry, while a film about an AI operating system does not jump out as a prime option for “sexy movie.” And when you leave your own midnight devices to one man and his sexy-voiced OS, audio alone has never been that steamy.

#9 – Love

let’s talk about a film that takes a fun, edgy walk down memory lane, this film from Gaspar Noé can be ideal for you. Having heard that an ex of his is missing, a man recalls memories of their passionate relationship that happened years ago.

#10 – The Babysitter

Adventure, suspense, and horror fans will be intrigued by this original Netflix in which a child realizes that his hot babysitter is part of a Satanic cult. Perfect to anyone who has ever been presented with a hot babysitter’s simultaneous gift and a curse.

#11 – Always be my maybe

Ali Wong and Randall Park have fantastic chemistry in Always Be My Maybe, from Netflix. The film is practically embedded with sexual tension since the two main characters have a secret past that is re-examined 15 years after the fact.

#12 – Burlesque

For some, Burlesque’s campsite may be a turn-off, but it is impossible to deny the sexy appeal of the film. I mean, it’s basically about a burlesque bar, and all parties have something to lift their eyebrows at with a nude Cam Gigandet and a sparsely clad Christina Aguilera.

#13 – Straight up

This modern-day rom-com stars actor/writer/director James Sweeney as Todd, an obsessive-compulsive gay man who is questioning his orientation. A twist on the trend, he meets Rory, played by Katie Findlay, and they get entangled in a relationship that includes anything but sex.

#14 – My week with Marylin

The biopic of Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams) in 1956, after her marriage to Arthur Miller, shows the actress in all her states: fragile, sweet, attractive, and more. It’s a cute story about a woman who has become one of America’s most famous sex icons.

#15 – The lobsters

The surreal tale of a world where people have 45 days to find a mate (or transform into an animal) takes the definition of “sexy” and makes it weird. For example, no masturbation is allowed at the hotel where this story takes place, but sexual stimulation via the hotel maid is required.

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