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15 Best Adventure TV Shows of all time – The most popular Adventure Series

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Getting very bored or thinking about how to spend your time. Are you the type of person who likes to watch the adventure genre series? Then these following recommendations of the adventure series will make you feel the nerves of adventure. Be prepared to enjoy the thrilling and adventuresome experience by watching the following top-rated and best adventure tv shows of all time.

Well, stick on to this to know a little bit more about the best adventure series of all time!

#1 – Game of Thrones

This series gives the treat of both adventure and fantasy. This series comprises the adventurous plot of the fight between the lords of continents. The Fight of Lannister’s, Baratheon, and Stark families to get the power of the right to reign the iron throne.

Available on HBO

#2 – Doctor Who

This story explains the time travel. One person disguises and calls himself as a doctor. This mysterious doctor is a time traveler from a distant planet; he is called the Time Lord from the world of Gallifrey. He can regenerate himself on the verge of death and fight against aliens and the threat of evil powers.

Available on HBO,Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime

#3 – Vikings

It is a historical cum adventure genre-based series. This story has a Viking warrior who is also a farmer named Ragnar Lothbrok, who likes to explore the lands across the oceans. In the way of exploration, he experiences difficulties like foreign foes and family issues. His journey of exploration is between the historical lands of America and Britain.

Available on Hulu,HBO,Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Vudu, Amazon Prime

#4 – The 100

It is an adventure and science fiction based series. After a nuclear explosion, the earth loses almost all its lives, and the human tries to start a new life in the Ark’s space station. After 97 years of life in the space stations, they try to reach down the earth. The adventure starts when they start realizing that they are not the only ones on earth and try to adapt to the new environment on earth.

Available on Vudu.

#5 – Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D

This is a superhero fiction and adventure-based series. After the New York battle, under the law of enforcement with the help of Marvel Superheroes, a team called S.H.E.I.L.D is formed. The adventurous journey starts when the team is involved in solving bizarre threats before the rise of supervillains.

Available on Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Prime

#6 – The Witcher

This series is based on a Witcher similar to Geralt of Rivia, and it has the supernatural power of hunting and killing monsters and wild beasts. The Witcher finds it difficult to adapt himself to the worst and wicked people than monsters and beasts. The adventure of this series begins when he is fated to meet a young woman with unique and different powers.

Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime.

#7 – Arrow

A character named Oliver, a playboy and a billionaire, presumed to be dead when his luxury yacht is lost at sea. He faced many hardships and realized his mistakes while he was living on the island for five years. He returned to his hometown. The thrill and adventurous side of his life began when he starts to find and hunt people who have corrupted his city.

Available on Prime Video

#8 – Merlin

This is an adventurous story of a teen servant Merlin, who serves young prince Arthur in the reign of Camelot. They became friends. Merlin has a secret about his magical powers. He can continue living as a teen to protect Arthur from any threats. They both experience many dangerous adventures during the rule of Prince Arthur.

Available on HBO,Prime Video.

#9 – The Originals

This is a Vampire based adventure series, a thousand years family from Vampire Diaries has set New Orleans. They try to take back their land, which they had built and try to rule over the people who had dominated them.

Available on HBO,Prime Video.

#10 – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This is not only the adventure-based, but it also has a fiction of horror and witchcraft. A teen girl, Sabrina, is trying to balance her dual nature as a half-witch and a half-mortal. Her life stacks at Spellman, to protect her family and humans from evil powers.

Available on Vudu.

#11 – The Walking Dead

This adventure is based on zombies. Here, human survivors try to escape and fight against the zombies to protect other humans from them. It will give you a mixed feeling of thrill and adventure.

Available on Vudu, Prime Video, Netflix,

#12 – Outlander

This series has a spectacular genre of adventure, romance, and fantasy. A nurse from the second world war travel back to the 18th century in Scotland, where she experiences adventures and meets a man named Jamie Fraser, and their life begins when a budding romance starts between them.

#13 – Supergirl

This is an action-adventure series. A girl, along with her family from different planet despite hiding her supernatural power on earth for 12 years, finally decides to express and use her powers to help people.

Available on Netflix

#14 – Supernatural

It is not only an adventure series, but it also has a little genre of horror. Two brothers following their dad starts to hunt against evil powers of monsters, devils, and even gods.

Available on HBO,Prime Video.

#15 – His Dark Material     

It is a sci-fi and adventure-based series. A young girl named Lyra can live in a parallel universe, where animal companions called the daemons are the portraying creature oh the human soul. She experiences an adventurous journey between the universes while searching for her missing friend.

 Available on HBO,Prime Video.


These adventure series will give you a package of thrill and adventurous experience. You will get a fantastic rollercoaster ride while watching these series.

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