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Best Amazon Original Series To Watch Now

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The entertainment mode has been shifted from the old television set to the modern setting of online digital platforms. Amazon Prime videos being one such platform has a lot to offer that is streaming online and nailing in terms of providing entertainment. Besides this, some amazon original series are waiting to get into your must-watch collection.

With this easy guide, you can save time on unnecessary scrolling to select the best series to watch. Go on to get started with the best Amazon original series with Amazon’s original programming streaming for you:

#1 – The Marvelous Mrs. Misel

The perfect blend of drama and comedy which revolves around Miriam Maisel, a.k.a Midge. She is a Jewish girl, picturized something similar to perfection. Her life turns upside-down when her husband leaves her for someone else. On her reevaluation of life, Midge discovers her talent for stand-up comedy.

Available on Prime Video

#2 – Fleabag

It is one of the best Amazon original series. It has been narrated by the witty perspective of a woman named Fleabag. She has a no-filter attitude towards life and a quest to have money in every possible way, but still resistant to take anybody’s help.

Available on Prime Video

#3 – Bosch

A series that follows Michael Colleny’s best selling novels. The protagonist Harry Bosch is an LAPD homicide detective. He is very particular about pursuing justice at any cost and prefers to investigate as per his instincts. His way of investigation is enough to keep the audience entertained and engaged.

Available on Prime Video

#4 – Goliath

A drama based on the life of a lawyer Billy McBride. He has been kicked off from the law firm that he worked for. Then he takes a woman’s case, which was his chance to get revenge from the law firm and eventually bring other entertaining events to the show.

Available on Prime Video

#5 – Patriot

Steve Conrad has added another show to the list of best prime series, called Patriot. The series has described the complications and dangers of an intelligence officer’s life. An officer named John Tavner has covered it all with his latest assignment to prevent Iran from going nuclear.

Available on prime Video

#6 – Psych

Psych is a successful attempt by Steve Franks to serve crime, mystery, and comedy all at once. Here Police hires a beginner detective as he convinces them of having psychic-crime solving powers. He carries on with this lie and drags his best friend, father, and Police to the ride of solving serious cases.

Available on Prime Video

#7 – Good Omens

Having Aziraphale, as angel and Crowly as a demon, Good Omens has comedy, drama, science-fiction, and fantasy. Among the amazon prime original series, it is entertaining the viewers to their max. The represented fantasy is something beyond earthly elements as they are trying to prevent armageddon.

Available on Prime Video

#8 – Catastrophe

The name of the series is a perfect match as per its plot. It follows an American boy, Rob Delaney, and Sharon Horgan, an Irish girl who fall in love. Sharon gets pregnant on their business trip, and the mess that follows is presented with a comic sense in the show.

Available on Amazon Prime

#9 – Sneaky Pete

Bryan Cranston’s creation has shown a con man who is saving himself from a gangster. For sneaking, he pretends to be “Pete,” who was his prison mate. In this amazon original series, the story is twisted, and the drama overtakes when the family puts him to a similar danger.

Available on Prime Video

#10 – Mozart in the Jungle

An American comedy-drama web series on Prime videos. It is a tale of Rodrigo, a self-confident music prodigy and Hailey, who is an oboist. Hailey has a dream to make it big in New York City. The series is all about love, money, ambition, and music as a whole.

Available on Prime Video

#11 – The Man in the High Castle

Based on a hypothesis that Philip K. Dick has used in his novel, “what it would be like if the Allied Powers somehow had lost in World War II.” The United States would be ruled by Germany and Japan. The displayed alt-history makes it the best amazon prime original series.

Available on Amazon Prime

#12 – Red Oaks

It is like going back to your summer vacation of school days. The plot has a Jewish Country Club known as Red Oaks. The protagonist, David Myers, is a college student who starts working in the club in his summer break and meets up with some colorful people.

Available on Amazon Prime

#13 – Transparent

A comic family drama has been presented in this web series. The plot has a story that revolves around a Los Angeles family that is quite dysfunctional. The drama takes a twist when the secrets of everyone are spilling out of nowhere. The show is comic in an unusual way.

Available on Prime Video

#14 – Tales from the Loop

It is the tale of a fictional town and its residents. The Amazon original series has people who live above “The Loop.” It is a machine that is designed to find out the mysteries of the Universe and bring the things of science fiction to reality.

Available on Prime Video

#15 – Homecoming

The show revolves around a Geist group facility. It helps the American soldiers transition to their civilian lives after the war. A woman named Heidi Bergman used to work there. Now she has started her new life as a waitress, and the truth behind her resignation brings a thrill to it.

Available on Prime Video


Wait no more to go to the play store. Download the Prime Video right away and get soaked with all these amazon original series.

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