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15 Best Kids TV shows To Watch Now

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It is no surprise that kids love watching TV shows, especially if they are cartoons or animation. Many parents have the belief that watching tv shows and cartoons are not good for kids. But over time, there have been various tv shows of substance, which imparts knowledge, and morality primarily. And certain kids tv shows have been ahead of time and also been hugely watched and loved by people of all ages. So better not stereotype yourself and stop your child from exploring the dimensions available through these shows.

And over time, the world of entertainment for kids has taken a positive turn. All shows are now not built for entertainment purposes only. Shows are being broadcast for increasing thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, environmental awareness, morality, and humility. So we bring forward an updated list of some of the best kids tv shows that are available right now.

#1 – Ask the StoryBots

One of the popular kids tv shows focus on Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang, and Bo to set out to answer questions such as: How do eyes work? How do you catch a cold? The storytelling is silly and fun, but the answers are severe and scientifically sound. Watch on Netflix.

#2 – PAW Patrol

Any parent of a young child knows the power of the PAW: This is positively one cartoon kids cannot miss. Highlighting friendship and hard work, the beloved puppies on PAW Patrol, come together to protect Adventure Bay from any issue that may arise. Available on IPTVKing, Sling and Prime Video.

#3 – Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

A cool kids tv shows follows Kipo Oak, a 13-year-old girl who has been forced to run away from her city to voyage through the dangers of a dystopian world. If your kid has a taste for sci-fi, this is the show for them. Watch on Netflix.

#4 – Peppa Pig

In Peppa’s world, animals like rabbits, sheep, cats, dogs, and pigs can do everything that humans can! Your kids will love the five-minute episodes that follow Peppa’s family and friends. The adorable British accents are hilarious. Streaming on Sling and Prime Video.

#5 – Shaun the Sheep

This series follows an unusually intelligent sheep who lives with his friends at Mossy Bottom Farm.  Shaun, famous among kids tv shows, somehow always manages to find trouble but gets himself and his pals out of it in creative and hilarious ways. This claymation is streaming on Prime Video.

#6 – Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The shows follow the Star Wars saga in minute detail. Prepare yourself for lots of trivia from your kid, and within their friend circle about the whens and wheres of who did what. This epic series has more than 100 episodes and counting. Watch on Disney+.

#7 – Sesame Street

The muppet gang has been telling families about their adventures on Sesame Street for decades, and they surely have not stopped. This cool kids tv show teaches the kids to count, read, friendship, compassion, sharing, and emotions. Available on PBS Kids.

#8 – SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob Squarepants is based on the depths of the ocean to the Bikini Bottom, the town that our beloved SpongeBob calls home. Living in his pineapple house, he assembles a delicious Krabby Patty for Mr. Krabs, spends time with his partner in crime, Patrick Star, and, of course, annoys his neighbor Squidward Tentacles. Streaming on Disney+.

#9 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Your favorite heroes are back in action in this new, CGI-animated series. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello are tasked with protecting NYC from the evil villain, Shredder. Among the popular kids tv shows are Streaming on Apple iTunes.

#10 – Hotel Transylvania: The Series

A takeoff from the movie by the same name. Dracula’s fun-loving teen daughter, Mavis, is the new head of the hotel while her father is off on a business trip, but her plans get spoiled when her strict aunt arrives for a visit. Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.

#11 – Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure

The Disney Princess Rapunzel has leaped her way onto the television screen. The golden-haired heroine is a great role model and shows little girls that they can tackle obstacles just as well as any other prince. Available on Disney+. This is one of the popular kids shows.

#12 – Thomas & Friends

Best among shows for kids, Thomas, the blue tank engine, lives on the island of Sodor with his other engine friends. Thomas is ambitious to be a “Really Useful Engine” but falls in trouble when he tries to undertake better-suited tasks for more significant engines. Streaming on Netflix.

#13 – Oswald

Oswald is an American children’s cartoon series about a blue octopus and his friends. Showcasing the life in an apartment complex is fun-loving and enjoys time with his neighbours. Available on Voot and Amazon Prime Video.

#14 – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Classic Disney characters bright up this computer-animated series. Each episode is challenging, requiring basic problem-solving and sometimes math skills to complete. Among the popular kids tv shows, it has an ending song and an upbeat theme that will get kids singing, too. Watch on Disney+.

#15 – Hilda

Let your kid help solve problems for the adventurous girl Hilda. Filled with magical creatures, this wonderful animation is available on Voot and Netflix.


This list of tv shows will undoubtedly attract your child’s mind and may even bring you closer to the television set.

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