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The Best Musical TV Shows of all time

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Musical tv shows are blissful and tonal beauty in all their episodes. Musical TV shows are easily one of the favourite genres of all time, along with a great soundtrack and centre plot themes. We love the crossover of the real world and musical world, which is why the ever-present harmonizing tunes in the background feel like a detachable part of the music tv shows.

Calling all Gleeks! Gleeks indeed went gaga over one of the best musical tv shows, Glee. The various tones, teenage drama, themes, and twisty storylines are a few of the popular elements in these tv shows.

From High School Musical studio to Glee, musical shows on tv are a great success in all measures! The exhilarating beauty in the plays of this genre lies in pushing boundaries and embracing cultural diversity across the characters. Classic shows are equipped with good drama, amusing songs, sharp wit, and excellent character development. The genre of music shows on tv is an absolute delight for the young to old. It’s evergreen!

Here’s a list of musical tv shows that will surely sync with your taste:

#1 – Glee

This six seasons worthy watch of a beautiful storyline, realistic drama, making music, and a passion for making it big in life is sure to capture your attention!  

Now Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play and YouTube

#2 – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A socially-woke musical tv show dares to break the taboos and tread the plotlines of mental illness, gender bias, racism, and a hilarious musical comedy undertone. A classic watch indeed.

Now Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play and YouTube

#3 – Soundtrack

A beautiful musical theatre series. Diverse choreography, original soundtracks, and pulsating musical numbers make this show one of the greatest.

Now Available on Netflix.

#4 – Galavant

Buckle up for some absurd drama, weaved with melody and spirit, and an incredible musical fantasy series. It’s a must-watch if you love fantasy-genre shows. Go ahead!

Now Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play and YouTube

#5 – Smash

A harmonic portrayal of mainstream drama, stardom, and assemblage of sweet and sour plot twists. Smash truly produces one of the best music from tv shows.

Available on, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play and YouTube

#6 – Rise

With the lead cast of high school teenagers, finding purpose and direction in life makes this a must-watch musical drama.

Now Available on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play and YouTube

#7 – Fosse/ Verdon

This musical tv show is a definite watch if you want to experience one of the best in this industry. A series with complex plot themes and masterpiece drama theatrics. This show has a nostalgic touch of Broadway life of the ’70s.

Now Available on, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Prime, Google Play and YouTube

#8 – High School Musical

Delightful filming of light-hearted drama and comedy with a lead cast of high schoolers. An evergreen show which portrays everything we love, from teenage love, musical theatre, emotional drama and many more!

Now Available on Disney+ Hotstar.

#9 – Nashville

A dramatized tale of a rising star and decreasing popularity of a legendary musician. The music industry turns to the novice talent for a breath of fresh air, but the former artist buckles up to taint her fame.

Now Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime, Prime Video, and YouTube

#10 – Fame

A high school drama treads the path of ambitious musicians struggling for recognition and experience—a heartwarming teenage tale of dreams, love, and reality.

Now Available on Google Play, Prime Video, Amazon Prime and YouTube.

 #11 – Ugly Betty

 It is not a stereotypical teenage drama but a socially-engaging musical tv show which portrays the struggles of a diligent and optimistic girl, Betty, and how she overcomes the societal prejudice of standards of beauty and wit.

Now Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime, Prime Video, and YouTube.

#12 – Katy Keene

A TV series that tells the tale of four struggling artists dedicating their lives to make it to the stardom of Broadway. A drama of high-octane performance and drama!

Now Available on Amazon Prime, Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, and YouTube.

#13 – Encore!

One of the top musical tv shows of all time. Encore! is an incredible musical theatre drama with colossal production and best performance by the cast. A feel-good series that you might love to binge-watch this quarantine.

Now Available on Disney+ Hotstar.

#14 – Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

A heartwarming series of desires, thoughtfulness, and dreams. Popular songs and Broadway nostalgia light up the sets of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Don’t miss out on this music tv show!

Now Available on Google Play, NBC, Amazon prime and YouTube.

#15 – The Get Down

An American musical drama set in the 1970s  follows through the lives of a group of teenagers. Hip hop and Disco music from the 70s is a part of their lives as their struggle to become successfull music artists.

Now Available on Netflix, Prime Video.

Hope you enjoy binge-watching one of the best musical tv shows.

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