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Best New Tv shows on Netflix, Amazon & Other Streaming Sites

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The sheer amount of scripted television shows being produced each year — a whopping 532 series screened across all networks, cable, and streaming platforms in 2019—is staggering, and that doesn’t even factor in the zillions of reality shows that episodes are continuously pumped out. But it is time to watch out the new tv shows in 2020. be ready and lock the dates for thrilling, supernatural, sometimes love dove shows coming up. A must watch list:

#1 – Warrior NUN

Oh Lord !!! This collection of stories is about a demon-hunting nun. This show, based on a graphic novel, follows a young woman who wakes up in a morgue with an artifact lodged in her back, discovering that she now has control and is divinely chosen to participate in a battle between Heaven and Hell.

#2 – Babysitter Club

The club Baby-Sitters is back on track. The iconic YA book show, previously adapted in the ’90s as both a show and a film, is coming back with an all-new cast on Netflix. A must watch series.

#3 – HANA

Hanna is not the only extremely professional female killer. Season 2 of this Prime drama inspired by the same-name 2011 film is set to explore other young people like Hanna Now, she has learned that she isn’t the only one of her type.

#4 – JU-ON

The creepy ghost from The Grudge haunts you but is not over. The franchise that started in the ’90s is actually a pretty big deal in Japan, having launched 13 total movies, including several American remakes, and it’s getting a Netflix series right now. The Japanese series will describe the unsettling events in the classic haunted house that took place decades ago. Happy hangover!


The boys are here again! The late-night show is coming back for a virtual edition, which was filmed in quarantine with a new slate of guests. Full of excitement and entertainment.

#6 – OutCRY

Documentary Pat Kondalis (Disgraced) The latest subject in this upcoming docuseries is Greg Kelley, a former high school football star who is in jail and seeking pardon for convicting a 4-year-old boy for molesting. It is said that the grave, the unsettling story examines the case and how a Texas town is divided, Considering that conviction was based solely on the victim’s word, potentially leaving a real offender at large.

#7 – Stateless:

Stateless: Cate Blanchett is one of the creators behind this Australian series that has already been aired to acknowledge and is now headed on the stateside. Stateless explores Australia’s flawed immigration system and tells stories inspired by actual events, following four very different families escaping different circumstances whose lives become intertwined while stuck in an immigration detention center.

#8 – Cake:

This July you should settle down in something delicious because more ridiculous, bit-sized animated shorts from the Cake series are on the way.

#9 – Close Enough

Close Enough was close to airing back on TBS in 2017 and shelved the adult animation project. Regular Show creator series J.G. Quintel will finally see the light of day on HBO Max about a young couple and their 5-year-old daughter living in an LA duplex.

#10 – Expecting army

This three-part documentary featuring Amy Schumer is not just a unique sitcom, but a look at her life while she was still touring, even though she had a particularly difficult pregnancy. A series of hope and twist and turn rolls you up.

#11 – Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Zac Efron is having treatment close to his own Gwyneth Paltrow Goop Clinic. He keeps things grounded and down to Earth, though — traveling around the globe with Darin Olien Wellness to find the most sustainable ways to live. The man right on.

#12 – Greatness Code

Apple gets into even shorter-form content and sports docs. This seven-episode docuseries features renowned athletes, including Lebron James, Alex Morgan, Usain Bolt, and others who explore crucial moments in their careers.

#13 – Little voice

Sara Bareilles may have once sung, “I’m not going to write you a love song,” but she sure is writing a lot of them for this upcoming romantic drama. The songwriter splashed the original music for the musical Waitress on Broadway, and now she’s transferring her talents to Apple for executive produces and creating music for this show about a singer trying to make it and surf the lifestyle.

#14 – P Valley

This latest drama has been adapted from the acclaimed Pussy Valley play by Katori Hall, and focuses on a strip club in the Mississippi Delta, telling the stories of the women working there. A tale to remember and going down to memory lane kind of story.

#15 – The Nest

Martin Compston and Sophie Rundle play a wealthy couple struggling to conceive in this British drama that unfolds into a bit of a thriller once they meet an 18-year-old (Sex Education’s Mirren Mack) who seems to be the solution to all of their troubles. Is she lying about having a la Baby Mama pregnant? Is she going to back out? Who can you say! But twists of sounds abound.

#16 – Brave New World

We all read it in that one class at school, or maybe you skimmed it instead, or perhaps you didn’t read it and were lucky on all the pop quizzes, with your guesses. But now, thanks to a new 10-part miniseries starring Demi Moore and Alden Ehrenreich (Solo: A Star Wars Story, Hail Caesar!), it’s about to be even easier to experience Aldous Huxley ‘s groundbreaking sci-fi dystopia of Brave New World. 

#17 – Capture

One of NBC ‘s latest streamer’s first shows is about fake news. In The Capture, Shaun Emery plays a soldier on trial for murder in Afghanistan until his conviction is overturned because of the incident ‘s poor footage, but then he is forced to re-examine the case once more footage is unearthed.

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