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Sexy TV Shows on Netflix, Amazon & Other Streaming Sites

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What’s your mood when talking about sexist tv shows? We do not moan about the sex scenes as much as we love to watch TV shows for the plots, the plot twists, the character development, and yada- yada -yada, either. Sex scenes are part of the TV experience, and as these series illustrate, if there were half as many nude men on the tv, these shows would be a lot different. Netflix has turned the streaming to bringing us wholesome boyfriends on the internet. Yet, tbh, the streaming service does have much more to come. So, we have crowned some of super sexy tv shows all with super-hot moments.

#1 – The Affair

 Looking for a little steamy affair story. The affair is a perfect story to watch. This series is about beautiful people hooking up secretly. Not enough, there is a thunder of murder mystery and crisp of drama as well. It will maintain your excitement until the end.

#2 – The L Word

It was the first broadcast show openly for the lesbian character. The L Word is a scandalous drama following a queer girl gang as they live in LA. This iconic series, dotted with lots of titillating sex scenes.

#3 – Scandal

Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope in Scandal, a political fixer with several dark secrets — including her affair with the president. This show is a hot mess to watch. There are so many moments when you stop believing what they show on tv. You will bite your finger. A must watch a sexy tv show.

#4 – The tudors

According to this series, which focuses on the reign of Henry VIII in England in the 16th century, everyone had a lot of sex in the olden days. Expect breathless dirty talk whispered with British accents, bodices torn, a loyal sexcapdes in the form of the truders messing with hot sex scenes.

#5 – Shameless

Emmy Rossum stars as Fiona, the Gallagher family’s forthright matriarch, in this chaotic Chicago dramedy. Some of the confusion stems from the hella fine boyfriends in Fiona, whose sex scenes can make you sweat. Enough to turn on your mood.

#6 – Master of sex

Of course, as the name suggests, master of sex is all about the sex. The film, set in the 1950s, follows two human sexuality researchers at the University of Washington, Missouri. As predicted, the distinction between their work and their real-life sex lives is blurring as they are entangled with the subjects they are studying.

#7 – Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl walked to make Elite fly. See this classic teen drama, and all those moments are squirm-inducing. It is a little campy, And it was that which made it so fun. Only think about how Serena has ties with three nearly good blond clones with the most preppy names ever.

#8 – Skins

Skins is a British teen drama that made its debut in 2007. The series lasted for five years, and in that period, many horny teen characters had plenty of sex scenes. The series, which also examined mental health, was one of the first successful teen dramas depicting the same sex scenes as their direct counterparts.

#9 – The Vampire diaries

You might think of it as a teen series, but the whole thing is about romantic longing. Damon longs for Elena and sends shivers down your spine every glance, every near-touch. If you’re not in the foreplay, well, there is still plenty to get it on. The cool thing about vampire sex is that they’re immortal and very good at tossing each other around.

#10 – Sense 8

It Is a sci-fi drama about 8 strangers around the world who are connected by a mysterious link. A sci-fi drama — intrigue, global instability, people with supernatural powers, and a frightening splinter organization — but in this show, the sex scenes take the word “link” to new heights.

#11 – Orange is the new Black

You’ve undoubtedly heard of OITNB, the widely popular fictionalized version of Piper Kerman’s autobiography of being locked up for cocaine dealing. The series includes a lot of nudity, both in real-time (between prison inmates) and in flashbacks to Piper’s pre-prison life. Our favorite is the season three library scene between Piper and Alex’s characters. But don’t make it quick!

#12 – How to get away with murder

Another Shonda Rhimes star, this one is based on the character of Viola Davis, Annalise Keating, a formidable law professor with more than a few skeletons in her closet. Many of Annalise’s sex scenes are so violent that Davis “turned her back down” filming them. To make a clear example of how to physical action actually is. Because even though her students are distracted with lectures because grappling with homicides. Still need to resolve the mystery.

#13 – The Borgias

This series could be the best choice for an old fashioned crowd; while sex and romance are definitely no more G-rated than any other film, it portrays a 16th-century aristocratic family at the forefront of the Roman Catholic Empire. So, to those who want their moments of intimacy interspersed with a mediocre history lesson, look no further.

#14 – Elite

The elite, in a nutshell, man. We don’t want to send away details, so we’re going to say the first season gives you this: three working-class teens are moved to a prestigious boarding school; there’s a suicide, and you don’t know who’s dead or who’s done it. There’s even a coming-of-age party, a lot of drinks, and some pretty hot guy-boy, guy-girl-boy, and guy-girl fornication.

#15 – She gotta have it

DeWanda Wise stars as Nola Darling in the Netflix TV adaptation of Spike Lee’s 1986 film. Yes, the dialog in this new version is old. Yeah, some of the storylines fall flat, but watching Darling float through Brooklyn with her band of beautiful lovers makes it worth a watch. Over the course of two seasons, the love scenes between Darling and her suitors (played by Ilfenesh Hadera, Anthos) It ranges from steamy to comic. Seeing these beautiful women, bathed in impeccable light and backed by a powerful R&B soundtrack, will leave you more than pleased.

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