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Best Shows on HBO Max Right Now, Ranked

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Introduction- HBO max, the largest entertainment platform for all your movies and TV shows. Take your popcorn and grab a seat to enjoy your Sundays. Launched in 2020, HBO displays high-quality video streaming from the comfort of your home. In addition to the Anna Kendrik romcom series LOve Live, you get massive entertainment options from the extensive library.

A year later, a gold-plated range of series under the HBO brand name boasts a deep well of content owned by AT&T, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia. It contains a complete collection of Studio Ghibli Films and the British Import I Hate Suzie. With the new episodes launched, HBO Max updates its shows on a regular basis.

Below listed are the top 15 highly rated TV shows currently viewing on HBOmax. Its original series have helped the network double up in a year and won dozens of Emmys. With a ton of classics joining up the service, various mesmerizing shows will take your breath away.

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Explore some award-winning best shows on HBO max at high resolution.

#1 – Judas And The Black Messiah

The first show on our list is Judas and the black messiah, directed by Shaka King.

The story begins with a young activist, Fred Hampton, who becomes the Chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party.

Later to be discovered, he has been put directly in the hands of the FBI, the government, and the Chicago Police. However, in order to destroy a revolution, the government decides to host a spy on the inside.

#2 – Hacks

The story casts multiple iconic Jean Smart, Hannah Einbinder, and Carl Clemons-Hopkins. It’s an acute collaboration of three mind-blowing creators Paul W. Downs, Lucia Aniello, and Jen Starkey. With Jean Smart’s amazing performance in a number of HBO original series like Watchmen and Mare of Easttown, she takes center stage in Hacks.

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She plays  Deborah Vance, a worldly known comedian who rules the roost in Vegas. A series of events take place where her stage plays get canceled, defaming Vance. The story unravels Vance’s dark mentorship towards a young writer Ava (played by Hannah Einbinder), to turn the inevitable to impossible.

The show first premiered on May 13, 2021, on HBO max.  Confirmed for a second season, Smart encourages the show to put her in the sequel.

#3 – Mare Of Easttown

Mare of Easttown is an American crime drama mini-series that brings about many hidden roles and stories. The show stars Kate Winslet with an outstanding role of the crime-fighting woman and Pennsylvania accent.

She acts as Mare Sheehan, who is a detective with a dead son. Unable to live with her burdened and struggling life, she begins to investigate her child’s tragic death, attempting to find the killer behind it. Will she be able to crack the mystery? The heart-breaking and thrilling story will make your Sunday nights interesting.

Find out what Detective Sheehan does to hold her crumbling life together and if she can bring justice to her innocent child’s death. Along with Winslet comes the co-stars Jean Smart and Julianne Nicholson, who form a major part of the show.

#4 – The Wire

Created by David Simon and produced by Karen L. Thorson, The Wire is an American crime drama series TV series that deals with policy drama that is loosely based on the experiences of co-writer Ed Burns. The Wire project a new perspective to law enforcement that adapts and changes with each season of the Television Show.

First premiered on June 2, 2002, the show developed for over 5 seasons, with close to 10 episodes each. The Primary set-up of the show is in Baltimore, Maryland, and its first season introduces 2 major aspects of the show that are based on Balitmore Police Department and the Barksdale family who runs a drug-dealing organization. Over the course of 5 seasons, we explore characters and witness the story developing, improving, and entertaining.

#5 – The Flight Attendant

The flight attendant is HBO Max’s original series by far the best HBO series binge-watched. The show entails the protagonist played by Kaley Cuoco, a flight attendant with a powerful attitude.

After having a one-night stand with one of the passengers, she discovers her partner dead; finds his throat slit. Instead of calling 911, she cleans up the mess and takes off. This causes a series of events that leads to putting herself, her family, and her friends in serious danger.

However, with the mystery wildly compelling, it also offers a strong character who is in denial of committing a murder. Further, she sets off unravelling the mystery behind the death of the passenger and battles her own demons. The plot also contains dark circumstances created by Steve Yockey that leaves the audience with a question of what happens next.

#6 – South Park

South Park is one of the longest and most misunderstood and also one of the best shows on HBO maxs. The show reinvents itself time and again. With 24 seasons by far, the series brings out some major issues in Western society thereby, making it obnoxiously insightful. South Park details the satirical view on the politics, media, Youth, violence in the city, and celebrities.

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These societal issues are not put straight away but are displayed in major events through an alternative plot that projects them by the exploits of four kids in South Park, Colorado.

Unfortunately, people do not understand what the show literally wants to put in action, refusing to look at a deeper side. The Emmy-winning show grows a little with every season. It is amazingly created by Trey Parker and Mark Stone.

#7 – Friends

Created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane, the show brings out the lives of 6 broke Americans and how their lives clash with each other. The show starts with Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, who is a spoiled rich woman who runs away from her marriage with a doctor.

Her friends Monica, played by Courtney Cox, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Chandler (Mathew Perry), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), and Ross (David Schwimmer), recently divorced, help her to overcome her losses and be self-independent.

Eventually, a series of events take place, and all of their lives clash with each other, and they end up more as a family. The show had announced its sequel “Friends Reunion” recently. Figure out your actual friendship with people who say “I’ll be there for you” no matter what.

#8 – The West Wing

The West Wing has been one of the best and binge-watched shows of all time. The show is created by Aron Sorkin. The show is claimed to take the viewers inside the day-to-day activities of the White House and its operations. The story has an iconic touch of Aron Sorkin.

The story is about the public servants who strive to do the right thing daily. It also offers an optimistic and more helpful approach of the federal government, which might be highly anticipating.

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Thanks to the large cast and Sorkin’s work, the show enhances real-time issues faced at the House. Now is a great time to watch the series and enjoy a splendid, largely feel-good drama. It holds amazingly well.

#9 – Love Life

Love life, a fantastic romantic comedy series that shows a lot of Sam Boyd’s creation. The show was first launched on May 27, 2020. In the subsequent months, a second season was announced. You can discover Anna Kendrick’s first love to finally whom she stays with till the end of the show.

The show also declares the love life of many other characters and co-stars. Sam’s enthusiastic writing shows the love journey of Darby, starring Anna Kendrick.

The story starts with Darby meeting Augie Jong at a Karaoke night, where he starts flirting with her at the very moment. A series of events take place, and she keeps falling in love until she finds the only person she wants to be with.

#10 – The Investigation

HBO imported Scandinavian crime drama, The investigation. The story entailed the murder investigation of Swedish journalist Kim Wall in 2017. The case was more sensational as the headlines read, Danish entrepreneur Peter Madsen invited her over to accompany him to his homemade submarine.

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Later the audience finds out that she was killed by the entrepreneur after he ripped off her body parts and threw them into the ocean. The show focuses on the police officer but does not disclose Madsen’s appearance. With just 6 episodes, the storyline remains unexpectedly very intriguing.

#11 – Euphoria

Zendaya, the Emmy-winning actress, is the youngest winner ever with her stunning acting in Euphoria. Her raw, nuanced, and sensitive picture of Rue, who is a recovering drug addict, comes back from her rehabilitation, trying to lead a normal regular high school teenage life.

After a few days, she finds Jules played by Hunter Schafer, as good company and befriends her. Later do the audience finds Zendy getting indulged in sex and drugs all over again, thereby facing assault and bully by the rest of the batchmates.

#12 – Raised By Wolves

Raised by wolves is a complete box of adventure and thrill. It’s totally for sci-fi lovers. The show has been directed by Ridley Scott. The pilot burns through 1st season’s worth of story that you will definitely figure out in one hour. The plot intensifies as the episodes go on. The show entails a civil war taking place between the atheists and fanatics on Earth.

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This has posed a threat to civilization worldwide. There are several twists and turns at the end, which will leave the audience thrilled. The birth of new species endangers our planet but calls in travelers who also thrive on helping.

#13 – The silicon Valley

Next on the list is HBO’s one of the best comedies of the last decade. It is a brilliant picture of the Silicon Valley in California and has six seasons in total. It shows the satire of the gig economy and the boon of the Tech world. Here, a low-paid employee comes up with a unique idea to build a startup. Can he face the challenges imposed by his batchmate?

Find out what the employee does to achieve his goals and walks towards success. The writers have taken a sharp aim at companies such as Google and Apple. A set of challenging situations occur where everybody has to give their best and find out their cream layer.

#14 – Looney Toons Cartoons

The next in the category is the most famous and pretty old cartoon series of Looney Toons, where Daffy, Bugs, Elmer, and all the others are on a mission. The animated series now portrays the modern era, written by HBO Max.

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However, the original characters remain the same in the new one. The set of characters display a balance of originality and nostalgia. Live your childhood days with the adventures of Looney Toons.

#15 – Bored To Death

Created by the author, Jonathan Ames, who never does anything normally. It is an ostensibly comic that takes on classic private detective troops. The plot thickens as Jason Schwartzman plays a struggling writer named Jonathan Ames, investigating a crime that takes place in the city and does it as a side business.

Accompanied by his best friends, Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson, the show lets you find a specific sort of vibe here.


With the new episodes updated every week, you can now get your hands on the most amazing and thrilling new releases. Contemporarily, you can have thousands of movies with exciting twists and plots. There is plenty of new stuff and best shows on HBO max.

From classics to kids’ favorite Looney Toons, HBO max houses thousands of promising fantasies and other spirit-moving classics and thrillers. I hope we have answered your questions well.

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