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Best teen shows on Netflix you can Watch Right Now

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If you’re a teenager or those days are long behind you, there’s no right or wrong age to immerse yourself in a great teen series. There are some best teen shows in Netflix like Never Have I Ever, sexy murder mysteries like Riverdale, high-stakes comedy capebest teen shows on netflixrs like One My Block, or a supernatural romance like The Vampire Diaries, waiting for you. 

Although the drama might make us keep bingeing, what keeps us genuinely emotionally involved is that high school-centered shows are about a time in a person’s life when it sure feels like there’s a lot at stake here. As teenagers, we are more fragile — blame the hormones and lack of control. Netflix is massive and regularly growing, and giving quality, and entertaining content anyways lets dive into the best teen shows on Netflix.

#1 – Never have I Ever

In this lovable drama about a young Indian girl Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), who is determined to change her life after her father’s death, the co-creators Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher put a fresh spin on a classic coming-of-age plot. Devi needs a lot of things to kill her academic rival in the first season of the addicting series — a husband, a higher social status, less arm hair — but she is a self-blind, self-righteous way teenagers love. Though these conflicts also cause laughter, Let’s sob (and probably more than once) during its first season cathartic 10 episode, which is just as much about a mourning family trying to get together. It is also about high school sophomore determined to hook up with the hottest guy at school.

#2 – Riverdale:

This show is so stupid, but as best it can be. It’s going to have you cackling with glee for one minute, screaming at the next idiocy of a character, and then scratching your head, wondering why a high school teaser is singing “Mad World” karaoke at a biker bar. In this crazy CW drama, nothing’s off-limits, and anything is possible. For the FBI also a high school student is a mole. Perhaps a lycée running a band of local bikers. Or a high school student who is killed in one episode by a bear only to be resurrected and have to take his SATs in the next. Riverdale is self-conscious enough to let you know that the authors and actors are in the joke. By losing the intensity of which the actors deal with such ridiculous scenarios, allowing the viewer to get deeply invested in these comically unreal storylines.

#3 – The End of the fucking world:

Ames (Alex Lawther) is 17 years old and murders such little animals he thinks he is a psychopath. Alyssa (Jessica Barden) is 17 years old and kills nothin — not that she needs vocabulary to say. Both are extremely good at being at the wrong rates of strength for regular human interaction: Barden goes noisy and acerbic when Lawther shuts down, so it’s hard to say whether he was born or just emerged from Britania collective post-punk sigh. But the End of the F-ing Universe does not want your obsession with morbidity. Unlike almost any other series with a similar subject matter, it does not want it to remain grim. A series about a boy who is determined to kill his road trip buddy when the two high school students run away from home sounds more like the grisly true crime

#4 – Sex education:

A charming and lively teen drama, Sex Education stars Asa Butterfield as Otis, the son of a sex therapist (Gillian Anderson) who, with the aid of his crush Maeve (Emma Mackey), uses his second-hand experience to start a ramshackle sex therapy company for his fellow students. Ncuti Gatwa also stars as Eric, the openly gay best friend of Otis, who comes from a Ghanaian family of religious people and manages to steals all attention. The Netflix Original beautifully balances being a realistic look at today’s high school struggles and a relaxing escape.

#5 – Atypical:

Unlike the hysteria that accompanies many of the streaming giant series, Netflix’s calm, reflective comedy does exist. And it’s Okay. Sam (Keir Gilchrist), an autistic 18-year-old, and his family speak for themselves. The sitcom hilariously follows Sam in the second season as he looks for a new therapist (he swears that one was a rabbit because she eats too many carrots) and even dealing with his family. Brigette Lundy-Paine is putting in one of the most overlooked roles on television. Yeah, this family is particular like all families are — and the show captures both funny and heart-breaking moments deftly. Atypical remains a series that people watch

#5 – Skins:

Skins are entirely unfiltered, unlike the glamorous American television shows from the early aughts. A group of classmates who deal in an unrealistic yet realistic manner with sensitive subjects like eating disorders, addiction, substance use, and virginity. Skins also caused debate over the perceived hedonism of the characters when it was airing, but the series never shied away from discussing the implications of the behavior of the characters. Skins, even all these years later, is a fun, funny, ridiculous, and wonderfully fresh show. It also gets bonus points as it features more than a few fun and familiar faces, including Nicholas Hoult, Joe Dempsey, and Dev.

#6 – 13 reasons why:

13 Reasons Why has put itself aside as one of the biggest teen series of all time, from hit YA book to hit TV film. The series started with the Hana baker suicide case. It is a faint of heart, and the series has become a suicide prevention conversation starter as it demonstrates how one person’s actions can impact the life of another.

#7 – The fosters:

The Fosters-Adams family is like not a blood family. Callie and her younger brother Jude have seen the worst of the foster care system all their lives. Yet as they encounter the Adams-Fosters, they are offered a second chance, and they quickly learn what a family truly is.

#8 – Glee:

In the life of the McKinley High School Glee Club, Glee was unlike any other Television series in history. During its course, a debate started about a variety of social topics, dominated the ratings, had two best-selling concerts, and changed the envelope when it demonstrated the impact that a Television series could have over pop culture.

#9 – Gossip Girl:

Hello, the Upper East Siders. Content to ask what all of your favorite Manhattan elite members are doing? So turn in to find out what these mad rich kids are up to when they don’t think anyone’s looking at them. Yet one can run from Gossip Girl. XOXO, GG, guy.

#10 – Legacies:

You don’t need to watch The Vampire Diaries or The Originals to understand what’s going on. Join Tribrid Hope Mikaelson, and the rest of the students at the Salvatore School for Young and Gifted explore their abilities and struggle with becoming magical teenagers in a world that don’t realize they exist.

#11 – Elite:

Usually, the children of the Spanish aristocracy are permitted to go to Las Encinas. Still, three children wind up with the opportunity of a lifetime after their school unintentionally burns down. However, when a crime occurs on campus, their jobs and lives are put on the table, and they have to partner with their fellow friends to figure out who did it.

#12 – Lock and key:

One of the best thrilling and suspenseful teen drama. Every episode catches your breath. After the death of their father, Locke’s sibling goes to the enigmatic Key house, where nothing is as it appears.

#13 – I am not okay with this:

Sydney Novak’s seemingly healthy life is utterly disrupted by the abrupt arrival of her supernatural abilities. She’s hoping to find a way to learn how to use them before she hurts the people she likes the most.

#14 – The vampire diaries:

The Vampire Diaries have changed the game in a variety of ways. Not only could it show that various spin-offs could operate on the same network. This series also left viewers guessing which Salvatore ‘s brother was better for Elena in one of the most significant ship wars that are still going on long after the series ended.

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