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Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Right Now

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Binge-watching a TV show has a deeply beautiful quality about it. No one does it because they are bored or because they need something to pass the time, but because they have formed a soul connection with the show that transforms them into the world of the TV show.

We live in a world where cinema is now not just entertainment but a form of expression. It connects people, spreads awareness on important topics, and helps viewers detach from their day-to-day stressful lives. It can convey emotions through its pictures, educate through its characters, learn, forgive, and inform, to name a few.

It is established that everyone has their reason for watching a TV show, but amongst all those thousand reasons, the one common thing is the journey that one goes through. We start to feel like we are part of the quests in the imaginative lands and give us the power to rejuvenate ourselves.

There is a sea of best TV shows on Amzon prime, and it gets difficult to find gems as the lists are endless. Since the pandemic hit the world, everyone is hooked on online platforms as content for everyone and anyone. We have made the job easier for you by formulating a list of best of best TV shows on Amazon Prime that you must add to your watchlist ASAP.

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15 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime


1. Invincible

This show is perfect for people who appreciate the cinematography and storyline of TV shows like The Boys. The show is an animated adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s superhero comic series, filled with adventure and gore.

The TV show Invincible follows Mark Grayson, played by Steven Yeun, a seemingly ordinary adolescent whose father, Nolan, is voiced by the amazing J.K. Simmons, is the world’s most powerful superhero. Mark acquires his powers shortly after his 17th birthday and begins training under his father’s supervision. But it isn’t long before Mark understands that his father’s legacy isn’t what it seems.

Its inversion of superhero conventions, emotional storylines, and ensemble cast will keep you interested. The series has released two seasons so far, and it is already the talk of the town.

2. Tales from the loop

Tales from the Loop isn’t just another show about a little village where unusual things happen; there’s a lot more to it. The series is stunning to look at, as meticulous as can be with symmetrical frames, and is based on a narrative art book by Swedish artist Simon Stlenhag. Both light and space have a painterly quality to them. The stories of the interconnected residents are similarly rich, with sci-fi notions exploring loneliness, aging, the impact of technology, and more.

This show is worth making time for; with the advancements in technology, the stories are more relevant to us now than ever before.

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3. The Expanse

The Expanse is a smart sci-fi TV series with relatable characters, adventure, and suspense and is packed with a production value giving the right amount of everything. It is set in a distant future, at a time when humanity colonizes the Solar System and how there are rumors of a cold war breaking out between the biggest powers.

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The show is not like your average vigilantes saving the day, but a band of misfits or antiheroes step in to diffuse the situation in the most unexpected situation.

Amazon saved this gem of a show from being canceled. Rest assured, this TV show has a few more tricks up its sleeve to keep you entertained.


4. Homecoming

This is by far one of the best shows on Amazon Prime. The first season started with star Julia Roberts in this power-packed thriller show. The narrative is set in a mysterious facility that is called Homecoming. In this place, war heroes or soldiers who came back from the army receive therapy. This show is filled with massive twists and interesting storylines that lead to character development between the therapist and client.

This show is based on the podcast, ‘Homecoming’ and is then directed by the man who gave us Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail. The show has the mark of Sam’s work and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat at the end of each episode.

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5. Bosch

Bosch is one of the most celebrated and recommended shows on Amazon Prime. This show is based on the American police and stars Titus Welliver, Harry Bosch, a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. The show might seem a little slow, but it is filled with spice and is balanced by a script that offers a sense of curiosity and dark humor, which allows the audience to be engrossed by the way the events unfold over time.

The show was developed by Eric Overmyer, who took inspiration from Micheal Connelly novels like City of Bones, The Concrete Blonde, and Echo Park. This show is confirmed to have 6 more seasons. The vulnerability and raw emotions of the characters will keep you rooted in the show.

6. Carnival Row

This show is about an alternative towny or urban fantasy that unravels a world where humans and fairies have been at war with each other for centuries. The storyline reveals the struggles of a growing mythological population dealing with discrimination on the levels of economics and society imposed by humans who have created a toxic place for exotic creatours to settle.

Creatures are not allowed to live, fly or love if they want to live among human beings. But the story takes a turn when human detective Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate teams up with a faerie Vigneter Stonemoss, who takes shelter in the human world and goes on a huge adventure to solve the mystery of the war. Important secrets, when revealed, could destroy the world. A story that is worth watching.

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7. Fleabag

Hands down, one of the best shows on Amazon Prime to ever exist. Fleabag is an original story that allows the audience to relate to the protagonist at all times. The script is written beautifully and touches upon every emotional issue a 30 something-year-old woman experiences. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the backbone of the show, gets the audience swooning with her extraordinary acting and the mastermind who wrote the script for the show.

It is a comedy series that revolves around a 30-something woman who runs a cafe and lives a sex-filled life with the perfect sense of humor that she uses when she talks about her tragedies that are yet to be resolved—a perfect watch for anyone who is looking for a life lesson while laughing until their stomach hurts.

8. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Another brilliant series that introduced Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman-Palladino, launches another blockbuster that breaks stereotypes. The story takes place in New York City during the dazzling 1950s, when gender discrimination was just as prevalent as a love for jazz. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a story about an extraordinary 50s housewife, Miriam Maisel, who goes by Midge.

One day, when she finds out that her husband had been cheating on her and ends things, Midge takes the opportunity to get drunk enough to get on the stage of a comedy club and talks about her day. That night, she discovers that she is hilarious and charismatic.

The show follows the adventurous life of this American Jewish housewife and how she takes over the male-dominated society world with her headstrong personality, adorable fashion sense, and unmatchable humor. The show is brilliant in every department. A must-watch!

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9. Good Omen

The show Good Omens snatched us off our feet and left us wanting more. Good Omens is an enthralling, wacky yet heart-warming story of good and evil, friendship, demons, angels, and a witch who is a soothsayer. This series is inspired and based on the book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It is packed with all kinds of emotions and brings in the right amount of British culture, and gives character to the show.

The series is a masterpiece, right from the acting, script, soundtrack to the cinematography. The show highlights important topics such as blind faith, gender roles, and sexuality. It brings a perspective that is not traditionally told when it comes to good versus evil. It deserves to be added to your watchlist.


10. Made in Heaven

Zoya Akthar and Reema Kagti created an Indian television series. It’s one of those Indian series you can’t afford to miss. Made in Heaven is a show about people striving to build a name for themselves in Delhi, India, which doesn’t stop anyone. The plot centers around wedding planners Tara Khanna and Karan Mehra, who organize North Indian weddings.

The TV series uses festive weddings as a backdrop to reveal deteriorating relationships and ridiculously simple rescue missions to keep people from falling into bad marriages. Each wedding is followed by a brief overview of what affluent India’s preoccupation with weddings can reveal. Disclosed dowry payments and unyielding disdain for a 50-plus woman’s wish for second marriage are common issues. We recommend you watch the series to give you an overall review of modern India and a masterpiece.

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11. Modern Love

The series explores modern relationships between two people who necessarily don’t need to be in a romantic relationship of sorts. It helps you redefine what ‘Love’ means on a very large scale and explores individual stories to get an idea of the different relationships or friendships formed over time.

This anthology series is based on the New York Times column, directed by John Carney, who brings out stories of a young pregnant lady who ends her relationship. At the same time, another has daddy issues, a gay couple looking to adopt a child from a woman who chooses to. This series is worthy of a binge-watch and delivers to the end.

12. The Last Post

This series is about soldiers who have been assigned positions and postings to fulfill but also shed light on the responsibility they have for their loved ones. It has an incredible cast and a script that keeps everyone hooked on to the romance. The writers touch upon the lives of soldiers and families in a manner that has never been shown before.

The narrative is carried on by Joe Martin, a captain in the Royal Military Police, and his wife, Honor Martin, who arrived in Yemen when Britain controlled it. Joe is put in the middle of a war zone where he has to solve the constant threats, and his wife has her battles of gender discrimination and women’s right to fight. A gripping love story that is sure to make your day.

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Action and Adventure

13. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

This show is a great Amazon pick for fans who love action and are thrilled. The inspiration is taken from a book written by author Tom Clancy in his series. The former U.S Marine is featured in a series for the first time and is played by John Krasinski, who is put into a field assignment filled with danger and adventure for the first time since his retirement. His task is to uncover the communication patterns of terrorists.

This launches him into the smack middle of a deadly organization that threatens destruction on a global mass scale. The show is action-packed and filled with moments that will get you to the edge of the seat. A must-watch!

14. The Boys

The Boys is the most talked-about show since 2019. The show is an adaptation of the comics The Boys, and it revolves around the simple narrative of what if superheroes weren’t good and all their niceness is just a face for wanting to be the most powerful people who are worshiped. It is about a team of superheroes who have all the qualities that a villain has and not one quality of a hero.

This series is based on an alternative world where a team of “heroes” does everything to stay relevant; by everything, we mean even mass genocide. This show somehow finds its way to be relevant to the current scenario of the problems faced by society. A fantastic cast and an incredible script are the recipes for a perfect show.

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15. Hanna

This show is a wonderful Amazon recommendation. The film “Hanna” is based on the 2011 film of the same name, which starred Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan. This story is about a remarkable young woman, Hanna, raised in the woods and is eluding the constant pursuit of an undercover CIA agent.

This series, which is a half high-concept thriller and part coming-of-age drama, follows a young woman on her quest to discover the truth about herself. The series has everything you would be looking for in an action series; stunts, drama, adventure, and suspense. This is one of the favorite watches for prime audiences and is recommended for a good watch.


We have listed out best TV shows on Amazon Prime that we know are perfect for any kind of day you are having. It is all about unwinding and relaxing. Amazon Prime has the best of the best TV shows with scripts that would leave the audience wanting more and give the best cinematic experience.

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