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15 Best Fantasy TV Shows of All-Time

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From supernatural sorcery to swashbuckling swordplay, fantasy tv shows are a trove of hidden suspense and pulsating twists. The treasure of thrill and exhilarating moments are complementary to great storylines in best fantasy tv shows. The uncharted lands of a bizarre mixture of horror, comedy, romance, and action are undoubtedly found in fantastical tales. Computer graphics and realism blurs the viewership experience. Believable plots human emotions weaved with unrealistic fantasy creatures make these shows way more intriguing!

Pure unrestrained fantasy adventures and in-depth character arcs are magical cinematic experiences for the audience. Action-packed gripping tales of the good, the evil, and mystical surrealism make the genre of fantasy one the best in this industry.

Let’s take a peek into the list of top 15 The Best Fantasy TV Shows of All-Time:

#1 – Game of Thrones

A comfortable win in the chaos of Best Fantasy TV Shows. Game of Thrones type shows progresses with a plot weaved with fantasy, drama, romance, action, comedy, and political fiascos. This massive HBO production promises you a great time treading through the great character arcs and plot development. A boon to the history of fantasy tv series.

Now Available on HBO, Disney+Hotstar

#2 – American Horror Story

This anthology series of fantastical drama and terrorizing twists will keep you on the edge of your seats. Great locations, storylines, and cinematography make this worth a watch.

Now Available on Disney+Hotstar

#3 – True Blood

One of the best fantasy tv shows, True Blood is a vampire series with the right amount of fantasy, horror, and mystery, from preying on humans to tales of synthetic blood. This show pushes the boundaries of what a fantasy drama might be!

Now Available on Amazon Prime, Hotstar

 #4 – Supernatural

A storyline involving two brothers of similar destiny. The brother, Dean, and Sam travel lengths of American wild plains to kill creatures of darkness and evils. An intriguing tale of fantasy and suspense, indeed. Go ahead without a speck of doubt!

Now Available on Amazon Prime, Prime Video

#5 – The Originals

The Originals is one of the new fantasy tv shows which follows the life of the first-ever vampires in history. The lead character is a hybrid Klaus, who returns to the city which he has built. A gripping tale of mystery, betrayal, love, and fantasy.

Now Available on Netflix, Prime Video.

#6 – Grimm

The last heir of the Grimm Family is Nick. The lead, Nick begins to see and observe things which he can no longer explain or understand! A must watch fantasy tv series. A suspenseful drama unfolds and leaves you on the hook at the end of every episode!

Now Available on, Prime Video and Amazon Prime

#7 – Walking Dead

One of the best fantasy tv shows ever made is Walking Dead. A bold portrayal of a world of zombies and struggling police officers, wherein in this terror, Rick Grimes attempts to get survivors of the post-apocalyptic disorder unleashed in the world.

Now Available on Disney+Hotstar, Prime Video, and Netflix

#8 – Merlin

A gripping series of the events which lead to the arrival of Merlin in Camelot and completion of attaining mystic magical powers with the guidance of his uncle. This is one of the best fantasy tv shows of 2008.

Now Available on Netflix, Prime Video.

#9 – Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is a correct entry into the list of Best Fantasy TV Shows. A sudden wild turn of events occurs when a creature bites an ordinary youngster. This show delves deeper into the psychological arc of the lead cast.

Now Available on Netflix, Prime Video.

#10 – Vampire Diaries

An aura of suspense and mystery fills the frames of Vampire Diaries. Elena and her friends are fascinated by a new student Stefan, who is a vampire for nearly 200 years. A must-watch is one of the best fantasy TV series of all time if you’re looking out for a fantasy drama.

Now Available on Netflix, Prime Video.

#11 – Penny Dreadful

A clairvoyant seductress, missing daughter, and promises of vengeance, Penny Dreadful doesn’t fall short of any explorative fantastical drama series. Don’t miss out on this package of just three seasons.

Now Available on Netflix, Prime Video.

#12 – Bewitched

A classic fantasy and science fiction television series.A supernatural and mystical romantic comedy that weaves in all these diverse themes gracefully. No list of fantasy tv-series is complete without this masterpiece.

Now Available on Prime Video, and YouTube

#13 – The Twilight Zone

A classic fantasy series of five seasons with a magic realism mixture of superstition, horror drama, science fiction, and comedy, had a significant influence over the industry. A great show you wouldn’t want to miss out!

Now Available on Amazon Prime, Prime Video.

#14 – Charmed

A popular show with classic themes of the supernatural drama, fantasy, action, romance, and comedy television aired from 1998 to 2006—a heartwarming yet thrilling tale of three sisters who suddenly discover themselves to be witches.

Now Available on Netflix, Prime Video.

#15 – Lost

The survivors of a plane crash find themselves on a mysterious island. The Discovery of underground bunkers and more surprises on their journey unfolds throughout the series.

Now Available on Amazon Prime, Prime Video, and Hulu.

I hope you enjoy these fantasy shows of absolute delight. Truly a great escape from the monotony of quarantine. Cheers!

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