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Top 15 Mystery TV Shows of All Time

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It was almost every kid’s fantasy to become a detective and solve mysteries. But sadly, not all of us make it there. But then there are mystery tv shows to make up for it. Mystery is a genre that never goes out of demand or becomes old. The creators keep bringing up new mysteries with cool twists and in different genres.

Consequently, the TV, as well as Netflix, is full of mystery dramas. It can vary from crime-type mysteries to high school mysteries ad even supernatural mysteries. While not all mystery shows are worth the binge-watch, we have listed some of the best mystery TV shows that can get you hooked up (and give you a Sherlock feel).

#1 – Sherlock Holmes

This is one of the best mystery TV shows of all time. It revolves around the beloved detective Sherlock Holmes who is unusually talented when it comes to solving crimes. He is backed up by his sidekick Dr.Watson. Together, they unravel some really odd cases. Catch this on Netflix.

#2 – Pretty Little Liars

This is another high school drama but with an ugly twist. A group of five girls is estranged when their leader goes missing. The remaining four are reunited when they begin receiving strange messages threatening to reveal the secrets they kept and lies they told before and after the leader’s death. You can watch this online on Netflix, Prime Video. This is one of the classic TV mysteries.

#3 – Riverdale

Riverdale is a highly acclaimed and one of the best mystery shows. It is roughly based on the Archie comics. As the four friends enter the high school, they are haunted by the dark, bloodthirsty secrets of Riverdale as they tackle romance. It is available on Netflix.

#4 – Stranger Things

Stranger Things has a gripping sci-fi story along with a cool mystery. When Will goes missing, and his friends stumble upon a strange girl “Eleven” who can make things float in the air, things take an unexpected twist. This is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Crackle.

#5 – Castle

A writer teams up with a cop to solve the case of a serial killer who recreates scenes from the writer’s novels. The police and the writer then begin a partnership and take up homicide cases across the city. You can watch this on Netflix and Amazon Prime, Prime Video. This is one of the best mystery TV shows.

#6 – The Mentalist

A freelancer type investigator works with the cops to solve cases. He has sharp observation and a knack for unraveling mysteries. You can catch the show on Netflix, Prime Video.

#7 – The Blacklist

A notorious criminal suddenly surrenders himself to the FBI and wishes to help the FBI crack the case. But he promises to work with them only on one condition that he will work with the new recruit. Currently, it is available on Netflix, Prime Video.

#8 – How to get away with murder

A talented college professor who teaches law explains ‘how to get away with murder’ to her students. But coincidentally, her students are trapped in a murder situation. You can catch this on Netflix as well as Amazon Prime. It is one of the best murder mystery TV shows.

 #9 – Dark

Dark is another mystery TV series where kids go missing. Consequently, their families hunt for them. The four families are somehow connected by their dark past and the history of the town with a supernatural twist. It is available on Netflix.

 #10 – Criminal Minds

A team of experts comes together to predict the next moves of the most infamous criminals before they strike again. The group of experts are the creators of profiles of serial killers. The show is available on Netflix, Prime Video.

 #11 – 13 Reasons Why

This is a teenage drama taken to the next level by the mystery that haunts it. When a high school commits suicide, she leaves behind a series of tapes that explain the 13 reasons why she took her life. It can be streamed on Netflix as well as Amazon Prime.

#12 – Money Heist

An ambitious and mysterious man “Professor” assembles a gang to pull off the biggest heist in history. Together, the gang aspires to rob the Spanish Royal Mint. The cunning plot is rife with action and romance. It can be watched on Netflix.

#13 – Sharp Objects

Based on Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name, it revolves around a reported who is sent to her hometown to investigate the murders of two young girls. The wary reporter tries to solve the mystery as she battles her own demons. Sharp Objects is one of the best mystery series. You can watch this on amazon prime, Prime Video.

 #14 – Control Z

This is a new mystery show that was launched on Netflix. It narrates how a hacker leaked all the secrets of high school students in a very public manner. To solve this mystery, an introvert girl works a low profile. It is available on Netflix.

#15 – Broadchurch

This is a binge-worthy watch. Broadchurch has a gripping storyline based on the murder of a young boy in a coastal town. The murder gathers a lot of media attention, and this puts pressure on the cops. It is available on Netflix, Prime Video.

This was a list of some of the best mystery TV series.

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