16 - Ep. #8723

Added: 19.08.2002
Somewhere in the Pacific, Todd misinterprets a moment between Tea and Ross, and therefore decides to steal the raft and leave the island. Blair tries to comfort Starr by telling her that she would never do anything to keep her apart from her dad. Meanwhile, Christian and Carlotta offer a truce to RJ, but RJ feels guilty and decides not to accept their offer. At the same time, RJ’s involvement in Keri and Antonio’s lives continue to cause tension. As a result, Keri gives her engagement ring back to Antonio. Over at Rae’s place, Allison grabs for the gun when Niki attacks her. Niki then tries to get the gun from Allison, but a shot is fired in the midst of their fight. At the same time, Roxy’s safety actually concerns Max for once, but he resorts to his old ways when he calls Nora and tells her to accelerate the divorce proceedings. Meanwhile, Rex watches from afar as Chad comforts Jessica.
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