25 - Ep. #8732

Added: 30.08.2002
Blair can’t believe her ears when she finds out what happened to Ben. In response, she offers to help Sam deal with his grief. In turn, Chad comforts Blair. In the meantime, Todd accepts Tea’s admission of love for him, and tells her that he does trust. Elsewhere in town, Lindsay can’t control her excitement when the governor of Pennsylvania tells her that she has received a pardon for saving Mollie’s life. Later, RJ and Lindsay decide to never tell anyone about their roles in the prison escape. As a result, Lindsay decides to change her life for the better. At the same time, Nora and Troy can’t contain their love and lust for one another. Later, Lindsay and Troy run into each other at the hospital. At Crossroads, Viki is overcome by a vision of Ben. The two share one last moment together before their lives take separate roads. Across the way, Roxy makes it a point to get Max to fall in love with her.
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