28 - Ep. #8735

Added: 04.09.2002
Troy gives Lindsay a stern warning to steer clear of him and Nora. Regardless, Lindsay continues to snoop into Troy’s past and finds out that he worked at a hospital in Africa. As a result, Lindsay decides to go to great lengths to find Troy’s secret wife. At the same time, Antonio and the woman at the diner have an encounter, but this time Antonio learns that the woman just returned from Africa. Meanwhile, in an attempt to get pregnant, Jen seduces Al again, and the two make love. However, Jen is later stunned when Al admits that he told Natalie that Jen knows the truth about her and Chris. At the same time, Rex keeps lying to Chris in order to keep him and Natalie apart. Shortly after, Natalie and Chris accidentally run into each other, but the lines of communication are so crossed, neither understands where the other one is coming from. Later, Chris finds Natalie in tears outside of his door. In other news, Jessica defends Seth in front of Rex, while Rex watches from afar as Jess an
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