30 - Ep. #8737

Added: 06.09.2002
At the airport, Lindsay buys a ticket to Africa, but unbeknownst to her, Troy sees her from afar. Meanwhile, after a night of romance, Antonio and the woman from the dinner feel a sense of renewed purpose. Therefore, Antonio realizes that he still loves Keri, and decides to return to Llanview. Back in town, Keri can’t wait to see Antonio again. At the same time, Bo tells RJ that Keri will eventually realize what Antonio’s done to her. Also, Bo tells Gabrielle that he has no information stemming from the fire in Jen’s room. Speaking of Jen, she narrowly escapes a huge blowup with Chris by explaining her phone call to Al. However, Al is dumbfounded when Jen says that she and Chris are still an item. As a result, Jen forces Al to steer clear of her and Chris. Meanwhile, Rex tells Natalie that he told Chris she went on a date. Natalie feels that she can no longer live in the past, so she decides to go on a date with Chad. Then, Chris tells Chad not to hurt Natalie or he will be sorry ev
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