33 - Ep. #8740

Added: 12.09.2002
Keri and her mom, who’s name is Liz, as we just learned, share a heart-felt and emotional reunion. Liz shares with her daughter that a man from Llanview helped her cope with her pain. In the meantime, Antonio confides in Christian that he slept with the mystery woman who would not tell him her name. Antonio is determined to build a future with Keri. Across town, Bo questions Gabrielle, who claims that she set the fire. However, Bo does not buy into Gabrielle’s admission. She fears that he hates her for what she has done, but passionately pleads her case that she would do just about anything to protect Al. In a romantic turn of events, Bo surprises Gabrielle by pulling her into a passionate kiss. While at the same time, Tea determines that Todd was looking at the torn photograph of Blair. Shortly thereafter, Todd believes that he will be the one to sabotage his relationship with Tea. Speaking of Blair, she is in no mood, and Sam questions her on her sour puss. He finds the div
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