36 - Ep. #8743

Added: 17.09.2002
Troy tells Nora that she is the reason he wants to move forward with his life. In Africa, Lindsay discovers that Joanna is dead, but she’s stunned when she finds out how Joanna died. Back on the island, Tea still decides not to accompany Todd back to Llanview. As a goodbye gift, Tea gives Todd a picture of him and Blair and the kids. Shortly thereafter, Todd says adios and leaves. In Llanview, Blair admits to Sam that she indeed still loves Todd, but can’t get over his destructive past. As a result, Blair signs the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Jen is upset to discover that she’s not pregnant. At the dance, Natalie can’t bear to watch Cris and Jen together, but Cris later follows Natalie when she runs out. As a result, Natalie tells Cris that she is falling in love with him. In addition, Rex continues to scam Jess out of money, but he later panics when he learns that Seth is going to go to Michigan in order to investigate his past.
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