39 - Ep. #8746

Added: 20.09.2002
Liz tells Keri that she is willing to risk her life in order to carry her baby to term. Keri then offers to be a surrogate mother, and Liz accepts. Meanwhile, Antonio tells Bo that he had a one-night stand, and Bo agrees not to tell anyone. Later, Antonio is admitted back on the police force. Elsewhere in town, Chris is speechless when Jen tells him that she’s pregnant with his baby. As a result, Chris tells Jen that they are going straight to the hospital for an official pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Natalie that it’s not in her best interest to fall for someone who is already in love with someone else. At the same time, Rex interrogates Roxy about the baby that she stole years earlier, and ultimately threatens to tell Jess that Roxy isn’t her real mother. Speaking of Rex, he also instructs Roxy to bring an end to Seth’s conversations with Aunt Corrine. However, Seth wises up to Roxy’s lies and decides to stop at nothing to get answers out of Corinne.
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