54 - Ep. #8761

Added: 11.10.2002
Starr finds Todd hiding in the bushes in her backyard. Starr hugs him, but then kicks Todd and tells him that she hates him. Todd tells her that he is sorry and that he couldn’t see her because he was stranded on an island. He shows Starr the picture of herself, Blair, and Jack and she finally believes him because the picture is all wrinkled and ripped. Starr tells him that he is in trouble for lying about baby Jack and that he must leave or else she is going to scream. Antonio wakes up after thinking about the time Liz told him not to tell Keri about the one night stand. Keri tells Antonio that he seems distracted ever since their engagement party. Antonio confesses to Keri that after they broke up he met a woman and that he can’t keep the truth from her. Keri asks him if he still loves her. Antonio tells Keri that she is his life and she tells him that is all that matters. Seth calls Jessica and says her that he has something important to tell her. Jessica hangs up and doesn’t want t
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