59 - Ep. #8766

Added: 18.10.2002
Al tells Jen that he thinks that she wants him out of her life because she is pregnant. Jen says that is a crazy idea and that if he doesn’t leave she will call the police and tell them about the fire. He then tells her that she shouldn’t be talking to the father of her baby like that. Jen tells Al that he is crazier than she thought and that he is stalking her. Al demands Jen to tell him the truth about who the father of her baby is. Jen persists in telling Al that she isn’t pregnant. Al tells Jen that he heard Carlotta talking on the phone about pregnancy to someone. When Al asked Carlotta who she was talking to, she said Keri, but Al pressed *69 and it led him to Jen’s voicemail. Jen admits that she is pregnant, but that it is Cristian’s baby and that she was already pregnant when she made love to Al. Al tells Jen that he will find out who the real father is by asking her doctor. Cris asks the receptionist at the hospital if Jen left. Jen’s doctor comes out and tells him that she al
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