62 - Ep. #8769

Added: 23.10.2002
At the quarry, Jess and Natalie share their amazement at learning they are twins. They discuss who might have wanted to play with their lives. Nat realizes that Jess went after Roxy because of her. They apologize for their hurtful treatment of each other in the past and Nat is able to make Jess believe that she and Seth did not sleep together. She tells her that she and Cris are unable to be together because of Jen’s pregnancy and she also suggests that Jess give Seth another chance. Nat has something to take care of but once she goes, Seth arrives looking for Jess. Jess fills him in on her new found relation to Natalie while he insists that he went to Michigan to help her, not to check up on Rex. He just knew something was wrong and wanted her happy. Jess concedes that she knows he didn’t sleep with Nat and confesses that she loves and trusts him. Michael Lazarus reads up on the latest newspaper articles involving the baby switch and Natalie’s return to Llanview. When he is handed mor
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