68 - Ep. #8775

Added: 31.10.2002
Jen continues her evil plot to drive Natalie out of town. At St. Jude’s, Jen convinces Carlotta that she doesn’t blame her for spilling the beans about Natalie being in love with Cristian. Jen also tells Carlotta that Natalie has agreed to leave town, much to Cristian’s surprise and dismay. Carlotta accuses Cristian of being more concerned with Natalie’s feelings than Jen’s. Unbeknownst to Jen, Natalie’s new buddy “”Michael”” has somewhat convinced Natalie to stay in town. Viki returns home to a desolate Natalie, who wants to introduce her mom to her new friend. “”Michael”” makes a quick getaway before Natalie can introduce him to Viki. Natalie fills Viki in on the fiasco at Jen’s bridal shower. Viki and Natalie share a lovely mother-daughter moment and Viki convinces Natalie to stay in Llanview since they really need to become a family. Jen calls to ask Viki to have Natalie’s bridesmaid dress delivered to her new best friend Marcie. Viki informs Jen that the dress will be delivered in the
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