74 - Ep. #8781

Added: 11.11.2002
Jen becomes aware of Natalie’s presence at the wedding, as do the other guests, which brings a sudden halt to the ceremony. Cristian races after Natalie when she runs from the room. Jen catches up with Cristian and Natalie and fears Natalie has come to try and stop the wedding. Natalie apologizes for interrupting the ceremony and wishes Jen and Cristian a lifetime of happiness. A torn Cristian reluctantly returns with Jen to continue the ceremony. “”Michael”” reads an old pamphlet from his cult as he plots against Viki. “”Michael”” deliberately encounters a heartsick Natalie and is very pleased that she turned to him in her hour of need. Al is desperate to find Jen after learning he is the father of her baby. Al barges into the country club and demands that the wedding be stopped. Bo tells Viki that he arranged for Cassie to come to Llanview because she is one of Mitch’s few remaining former cult members who is still alive. Bo comforts Viki over the fact that today is her and Ben’s anniver
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