86 - Ep. #8793

Added: 27.11.2002
Roxy is thrilled to win big at the “”casino”” while Asa reminds Max to keep up his end of their bargain. Determined not to be interrupted again, Cris takes the phone off the hook and tries to launch into his explanation but Jen fakes fainting to stop him in his tracks. Though Natalie nervously reminds her husband that they haven’t even consummated their marriage, “”Michael”” gleefully advises her to ask her mother about his true identity. Starr happily jumps to the wrong conclusion after Todd explains to an irked Blair why she’ll be safest staying in the master bedroom with him. Seth covers for Viki to keep Jessica from learning the awful truth about her father. Rae eyes Max’s friendly overtures with suspicion. Viki sadly bids Jessica farewell. Later, an agitated Natalie arrives and beseeches her mother for answers. Bo and his officers raid the lodge and place Roxy and Asa under arrest. Viki tells a horrified Natalie all about the monster she married. Meanwhile, Jessica receives a text mes
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