95 - Ep. #8802

Added: 11.12.2002
Antonio accompanies Keri to the hospital, where Dr. Conklin cautions that tests show the baby may be developmentally delayed. At St. Ann’s, Blair reminds Addie not to let anyone know about her visit. Meanwhile, Hank demands some answers from “”Sister”” Todd. Dr. Conklin explains to Keri and Antonio why she’ll need a DNA sample from both of the baby’s biological parents. Troy tells Lindsay he plans to move to California after Nora learns the truth and dumps him. Blair hides her face when Hank pushes past Todd to check on Addie. Jen stonewalls as Nora presses her to reveal if Lindsay is still carrying a torch for Troy. R.J. and Liz agree to work on re-establishing a friendship for the sake of their daughter. Antonio tries to reassure a frightened Keri as she wonders if her mother is about to suffer another terrible loss. Following his chat with Lindsay, Troy reports success to Emily but she warns her brother not to push his luck too far. As they return to the penthouse, Blair thanks Todd f
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