114 - Ep. #8821

Added: 10.01.2003
Angling for a job at the Sun, Shauna tells Todd how Jen’s phony phone call convinced Judge Fitzwater to throw the book at Cristian. Liz commends R.J. for planning a surprise party at Capricorn to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. Mitch slips into St. Ann’s and reminds a thrilled Allison to “”heed the messenger.”” Blair explains to her pouting daughter why she’s with Sam now. Antonio admits to Troy that his fiancee knows nothing about the paternity test they’re conducting. Later, Antonio is devastated when DNA results prove he is the father of Liz’s baby. Liz tells a puzzled Keri she doesn’t plan to remain in Llanview for long. At the jail, Jen feigns remorse for failing to lie about the assault but Cris assures her she’s not to blame for his latest trouble. Starr stirs up feelings of jealousy in Blair by pointing out how Todd seems to have found a new female “”friend.”” Mitch instructs Allison to undergo a new evaluation and show the shrinks she’s sane enough to return to prison. R.J. a
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