117 - Ep. #8824

Added: 15.01.2003
Liz begs Antonio not to tell Keri the truth about the baby’s paternity. R.J. threatens to squeal to Nora regarding her fiance’s infidelity unless Troy backs off. Sam angrily confronts Todd after the Sun runs a front page story about Jen collaborating with Mitch. Fearful that her husband’s tentacles will reach Cristian even in jail, Natalie hurries to warn the man she loves. Viki delivers Jessica’s ticket to her at the terminal and assures her surprised daughter she understands her decision to leave town. The Sun’s headline gives Cris and Natalie a jolt. Though Sam demands an immediate retraction, Todd assures his former friend that every word of the newspaper story is true. R.J. enjoys watching Troy squirm as Nora wonders aloud about Lindsay’s mysterious new lover. Antonio reminds Liz why he cannot turn his back on his baby daughter. Mitch rails at Jen for blowing their cover. Desperate to convince her daughter she doesn’t see Mitch in her, Viki tearfully reminds Jessica that she, too,
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