121 - Ep. #8828

Added: 21.01.2003
Natalie tells Mitch that she will never consummate their marriage. Unaware that Allison has poisoned the cake, Carlotta eats some of the dessert and quickly becomes ill, collapsing in front of a jailed Cristian. Allison later boasts to Natalie that she may know something about Carlotta’s food poisoning. Though Antonio vows to protect his brother and have the cake tested, Natalie becomes worried that something may happen to Cristian. In order to keep the man she loves safe, Natalie returns to her husband and tells Mitch that she will sleep with him. After literally running from R.J. and his offer to help her with her unborn baby, Liz leaks to Keri that R.J. wants to have a relationship with her and admits that she still has feelings for R.J. She then lies that she is moving to Llanview permanently. Keri later advises Nora that Liz and R.J. are getting back together. Troy’s relieved when Lindsay tells Nora that she is seeing R.J. Troy assures Nora that Carlotta will be fine but adds that
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