123 - Ep. #8830

Added: 23.01.2003
An incensed Roxy tears into Max for betraying her by forging a pact with Asa. Jen glumly informs Marcie that her father now knows all about her secret alliance with Mitch. Blair returns to the penthouse and tells Todd how Sam managed to elude the men who were following them. Al confides to his mother how much he misses Jessica. After they make love, Liz informs an irked R.J. she’s leaving town as soon as the baby is born. Max admits to a stunned Roxy that he no longer wants a divorce. Meanwhile, Asa orders Nigel to carry out a daring plan to infiltrate enemy headquarters. Antonio sees his daughter for the first time during Keri’s ultrasound. Rae warns Asa that he’ll never be rid of her. Blair makes a confession to Todd. R.J. gives Antonio a heads-up about Liz’s travel plans. Roxy has another change of heart and sends Max packing. Asa triumphantly waves the divorce papers in Rae’s face but she gets the last laugh when she tricks him into giving her 90% of his holdings. Blair finally tel
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