127 - Ep. #8834

Added: 29.01.2003
Happily celebrating her newfound freedom, Blair declares her love and gratitude to Todd. Max pours out his heart to a sympathetic Liz, then collapses in a drunken stupor on his guest’s shoulder just as Roxy walks in. Natalie tearfully admits to Cris why she chose to give in to Mitch’s disgusting demands in a last ditch effort to save the man she loves. Feeling guilty about his deception, Todd shrugs off Blair’s display of hero worship. R.J. gleefully informs Lindsay that her nemesis is scheduled to wed Troy on Valentine’s Day. Roxy rails at Max for quickly turning to the first floozy he could find following their divorce. Troy comes to Statesville and urges a puzzled Nora to let another attorney represent Allison. Todd convinces Blair she doesn’t need to testify against Suzanne’s killer. Cris assures Natalie she has no reason to feel ashamed. Roxy storms back to Club Capricorn and complains to R.J. about Max making time with Liz. Blair’s story about the hit man’s arrest smells fishy to
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