133 - Ep. #8840

Added: 06.02.2003
Blair and Starr sneak back into the penthouse to collect their belongings while Todd is away. Feeling safe from the world, Cristian and Natalie enjoy being snowed in together at the lodge. Sam reminds a gloomy Todd how richly he deserves all the misery he’s brought down upon himself. Suzanne attempts to apologize to a furious Starr and her equally angry mother. Antonio and Jessica make their way to the diner. Starr asks her mother to forgive Todd one more time. Lurking in the shadows of the church, Mitch listens as Viki prays aloud for her family. R.J. decides to tell Keri the truth about her unborn child. A frightened Lindsay relates for Bo how three men broke into her gallery and uttered threats against her daughter. As Mitch demands that Viki take him to Natalie, the new curate enters and greets his delighted mother. Carlotta gasps to learn the true paternity of Liz’s baby while Antonio prevents R.J. from spreading the word any further. Joey tells a thrilled Viki he’s been assigned
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