147 - Ep. #8854

Added: 26.02.2003
After Al sleeps through an important exam, Rex offers to hook him up with the materials he needs to never miss another test. Todd returns to the jail and presses Mitch for the truth about his alliance with Victor. Meanwhile, Viki confronts her father with the heinous crimes he committed against her years ago. As R.J. brings Keri and the baby home to his apartment, Liz arrives and demands her child. Cris asks Carlotta if he and Natalie can live with her for a while. At Llanfair, Jessica urges her twin not to move out but Natalie continues to pack. Liz is stunned when Keri reveals her baby’s true parentage. Victor tells an enraged Viki he’s done nothing wrong. Keri icily informs her mother she will never let Antonio near her child again. Evangeline reports success to Mitch. Al agrees to meet Rex’s drug dealer friend. Todd breaks into Evangeline’s office and finds Victor’s will. R.J. helps Keri keep Antonio in the dark. Viki returns to Llanfair and burns her father’s trunk.
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