151 - Ep. #8858

Added: 04.03.2003
Al tells Joey he thinks C.J. relocated to a small town in Michigan. Nora promises Bo she won’t let Mitch walk on a technicality. From his hospital bed, Victor weakly agrees to dictate a new will. Antonio complains to Jessica about the way Liz and Keri have conspired to keep him away from his baby daughter. Marcy confides to Jen how she’s developed a massive crush on the cute new curate. With Todd holding the video camera, Victor gasps for breath as he describes how Mitch pulled a double-cross, but his heart stops before he can finish his statement. Al’s unusually hyper behavior sets Jessica wondering. Flash attracts the attention of a male patron at the hotel bar. Lindsay taunts Gabrielle about Bo’s new “”business relationship”” with his old flame. Troy regretfully informs Todd and Viki that their father is dead. Later, Viki tells her brother she’s made peace with Victor’s crimes against her. Antonio warns Keri he won’t rest until he’s gained his parental rights. Renee has Flash arrested
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