185 - Ep. #8892

Added: 23.04.2003
In prison, Jen dreams that her mom is her shrink and telling her she is just like her crazy mom. Flash’s band, Midnight Logic, has their FIRST gig at Capricorn and they’re a big hit. Later she thanks Joey for his help, and they finaly share a long awaited kiss. Mitch catches Dorian in the chamber beneath Llanfair, but she pretends that she doesn’t know anything about the Badhra Diamond and just followed him, so he explains what hes doing. Then they open the box together, and Dorian quickly puts the gem in the sand and Mitch finds it. Craig spys on the Laurences as they talk about the stolen gem, and later advises Mitch that he’s his new partner. Not for long though, because blind Mitch pulls a knife from his cane and stabs his servant, whom instantly dies in frint of him and Dorian. Mitch then orders Dorian to remove the body but they stop when Antonio and Jessica arrive at Llanfair, which Jessica has moved into, to help her newly-blind dad. Marcie still refuses to let Al leave
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