187 - Ep. #8894

Added: 25.04.2003
Jen goes to her hearing after asking Marcie to come for support, but she refused. Between Sam’s good name and Nora’s encouragement, Judge Fitzwater gives Jen leniency with only one year community service. When she goes to tell her friend the news, Jen is shocked to find Al and Marcie in bed together. Though Marcie was just trying to help Al with his continued withdraw, she refuses to tell Jen the truth about what she saw. After Jen leaves, Al thanks Marcie for all that she has done for him. Over at Lanfair, Mitch hears a news report about Craig’s body being found in a dumpster. Suggesting to Dorian that they should move the body from the shed, he threatens her when instead of confessing that the body is missing, she said it was still there. Bo and Antonio(who was there all night searching the premisis, but no one knew) show up to question the couple, Dorian provides an alibi for herself and her husband. As Bo continued with his questions, Antonio watched Jessica and figured out she kno
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