193 - Ep. #8900

Added: 05.05.2003
At the hospital Flash screams and struggles because she has to sing, but Troy won’t let the exremly ill girl go. Back at Capricorn, Rex offers Cris a ‘driving job’. Antonio tells Jessica he can’t let her go because he promised Viki he would keep an eye on her and NOT let her go back to Lanfair. A little bit later him and Cris get into a verbal fight as Cole and Rex watch. At Lanfair Viki finds the passage up to her old room and realizes thats how her dad used to watch her. She sees visions of herself, but younger and Victor. Lois comes in and tells her she left her notice on Dorian’s desk. Then she shows her the gemstone book with the Badrha Diamond in it and she realizes its the same box thats in the chamber, Rex and Cole discuss Cris then Rex tells Cris he wants him for the job and Cris excepts. Realising that his dad would have to refund all the money Al airs as The Voice of the Night above Capricorn out of everyones view. Later Marcie catches Al in the act, then tells him she isn’
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