197 - Ep. #8904

Added: 09.05.2003
Joey comes in his room and finds Flash. Before he can say anything, he sees her holding Jen’s bra. About to leave, he stops her and she says its ok and what he and Jen do is his business. She says she doesn’t want to know about his sex life. He asks her why she came back, and she sadly says she thought she left something there, but she was wrong, and ten she storms out. Putting Jen’s bra in his pocket, Joey also leaves. Meanwhile, Jen walks in the gallary and finds the cloraformed napkin used on Jess. Antonio walks in and realizes the napkin had cloraform on it andJen tells him the door was open when she came in. Later on, Linsay rushes in, and hugs her daughter. Antonio asks her how the cloraform got their and she starts going on about Mitch and when he tried to kill her. Antonio then egs her to tell him if Dorian has Jess or if Mitch does. All Lindsay says is to stop MItch, so he takes her back to St. Annes, but not before she yells that she DOESN’T want Jen to visit her or come ther
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