200 - Ep. #8907

Added: 14.05.2003
Viki overhears Natalie asking Jessica if she had anything to do with Mitch’s death. Over at St. Ann’s, Dorian reminds Lindsay to keep quiet about their trip to the theater. Hank tells Nora and Bo that vehicles look like Blair and Dorians. Jess nervously avoids questions from her mom and sister. Asa fires Nigel but Renee promises him he’ll always have a home with her. Later, Roxy laughingly reveals to Asa the real reason why his ex-wife and his former butler think they’re in love. Dorian warns Jess not to break their pact. Lindsay grows agitated when Nora brings news of Mitch’s death. Fished alive from the river by an unseen accomplice, Mitch is returned to the lake house to begin his recuperation. Lindsay tells Troy everything. Roxy offers to release Renee from her hypnotic spell in exchange for one million of Asa’s dollars.
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