206 - Ep. #8913

Added: 22.05.2003
Andrew drops by the community center for a talk with Joey, who’s stunned to learn that Jen has leveled some serious charges against him. Walker cautions Mitch that his daughter may not be as loyal as he believes. Cris accompanies Natalie to the airport as she nervously prepares to meet her father for the first time. Rex complains to Jen about being forced to spend a night in jail. Clint greets Natalie warmly and the two quickly begin to form a bond. Joey assures Andrew he never had sex with Jen but admits that his attraction to her has complicated their counseling sessions. Blair accuses Dorian of stealing back the Badhra diamond, then realizes that her aunt never even knew she was in possession of the gem. Certain Jessica would never betray him, Mitch again instructs Walker to bring her to the lake house. Ignoring Andrew’s warning about keeping his distance, a fuming Joey confronts Jen with her lies. Walker introduces himself to his startled niece and quizzes her about Mitch’s “”suicid
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